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DutySheet Volunteer Management Software

Are you looking for DutySheet? You’ve come to the right place. We have moved to our new home on The Access Group website. It’s still the same great product you know and love, with a new place to come to for information and for links to login.

If you are not familiar with us, DutySheet is a cloud-based volunteer management software used by emergency services to assist with engagement, management and retention throughout the volunteer journey.

Volunteer Management Software for emergency services

DutySheet is a volunteer management system in use by all police forces in England and Wales. Our software simplifies and streamlines volunteer management, allowing our customers to see results through better communication, increased productivity, and intelligent reporting and feedback.

In 2022, DutySheet was acquired by Access to provide end-to-end solutions that harness technology to improve the impact and operations of our customers.

The software is used by:

  • Police Special Constables
  • Police Support Volunteers
  • Fire and Rescue Service Volunteers
  • Police Cadets
  • Volunteer Police Community Support Officers

You may also be looking for our Volunteer Management solution Assemble, our intuitive software that helps charity and not for profit organisations of all sizes recruit, manage and retain volunteers. Find out more here

The volunteer journey

This is defined by DutySheet as the path a volunteer takes in his or her life within the organisation. How can DutySheet help you on this journey?

Dutysheet Recruit

Engaging with a brand or organisation that you feel passionately enough to volunteer for is not always a straightforward exercise. Time, research and deliberation will all play a part, but how this administrative process is managed now, will set a precedent for the future, as first impressions undeniably count.

DutySheet simplifies the data collection process and engages the volunteer from the first encounter. Personal details are collected with ease and little interrogation, offering a friendly, yet professional approach.

Dutysheet Manage

Constant two-way communication is fundamental to the success of a good working partnership. A volunteer is an incredible asset to the team and in order to fulfil both parties expectations, it's essential to maintain an open and regular dialogue between volunteer and organisation.

DutySheet has various communication tools that act in a similar way to Social Media; offering regular news and announcements, important information and upcoming events. As well as finding this method of communication familiar, we understand the importance of both steering your path within an organisation and being part of a community of likeminded peers.

Dutysheet Engage

DutySheet can help the relationship between volunteer and its organisation by encouraging and monitoring feedback.

Rating events or tasks that one participates in can offer good insight for both volunteer and organisation. In order to retain volunteers, we look for feedback that will measure how motivated or valued a volunteer feels. Better understanding of this may prevent a volunteer from leaving.

Why DutySheet?

DutySheet is constantly evolving and innovating with the addition of each new user and their invaluable feedback.

Tailor-made Solutions

DutySheet understands that each organisation has different needs with regards to their volunteers. 

With our modular design, users are able to choose the functionalities that are relevant to them. 

Key features:

  • Modular system 
  • Custom dictionaries 
  • Own setting control 
  • Custom functionality 
  • Custom reporting 
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Management, Engagement & Retention

DutySheet prioritises each stage of the volunteer journey including management, engagement, and retention. This approach helps ensure that your volunteers interact with your organisation over the long term and fulfil their role to the benefit of both parties.

Key features:

  • Communication tools offering regular news, announcements, and upcoming events
  • Feedback notifications for tasks and events
  • Simplified data collection process
  • Volunteer engagement from the outset
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Comprehensive Support

DutySheet provides full support to all users of our products via telephone and email. 

We utilise leading helpdesk software that gives you full access to your individual and organisational tickets. 

Key features:

  • Online access to helpdesk 
  • Access to DutySheet community 
  • 24/7 Major Service Outage support 
  • Full telephone/email support during working hours 
  • Knowledgeable and friendly support staff 
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Always Innovating

DutySheet is for volunteers by volunteers. 

All users benefit from DutySheet's growing community as feedback is encouraged and listened to. 

Key features:

  • Regular functionality updates 
  • Full feature instructions 
  • User feedback applied 
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Knowledge Centre

All users get access to the ‘DutySheet Help Centre’ which contains full documentation. 

Further documentation is also accessible to supervisors and administrators. 

Key features:

  • Fully documented online 
  • Searchable help pages 
  • Easy to follow guides 
  • HD quality video guides 
  • FAQs published 

Customer Success Plans

At Access we know why our customers choose our products, it’s because they want to be more successful. Helping you to get the most from your DutySheet investment is really important to us, so our Success Plans go beyond technical support to provide you with the tools and guidance that you and your business need to succeed.

To find out more about Success Plans and what we offer, you can visit our success plans hub.

Why emergency services love our software

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Your questions answered

When was DutySheet acquired by The Access Group? 

The Access Group officially made the announcement of acquiring DutySheet on 24th June 2022. This has allowed the software company to trade as Assemble and DutySheet to hundreds of charity and public sector organisations.

Read more about our acquisition of DutySheet

What is the mission of DutySheet?

DutySheet Mission Statement:

“DutySheet aims to harness the power and value of the one irreplaceable asset a volunteer is willing to give up; their time.”

Our goal is to help organisations get the most out of volunteers by providing an accessible, effective and secure volunteer management system.

By simplifying and streamlining resource management, our clients see results through better communication, increased productivity and intelligent reporting and feedback.

Innovation and development are at the forefront of our ethos. As a cloud based software provider, we are able to respond and adapt at a fast-pace, whilst supporting customers from within our internal helpdesk.

DutySheet’s development relies upon community driven feedback. Users steer us to improve the functionality and process behind this powerful solution. We work constantly to provide a system that meets your unique needs.

How secure is DutySheet?

DutySheet is ISO 27001:2013 certified. This is the international standard for Information Security Management. It provides a best practice framework for companies to comply with confidentiality, integrity and legal compliance, providing confidence that the appropriate controls and policies are in place to safeguard data. In achieving this standard, DutySheet has now further validated its internal processes, software as a service solutions and technical support as well as effectively demonstrated its capabilities to sufficiently protect customer data.

DutySheet's servers are hosted in ISO 27001 data centres that feature 24-hour manned security, biometric access control, video surveillance, and physical locks. The co-location facilities are powered by redundant power, each with UPS and backup generators. All systems, networked devices, and circuits are constantly monitored by both DutySheet and the data centre provider.

Does DutySheet have an API?

DutySheet features a powerful API (Application Program Interface) that allows your in-house software to talk to us and vice versa.

We understand that your organisation may already have ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or HR software in-house for full time staff but this does not suffice for volunteers. And this is where DutySheet’s expertise can help.

DutySheet provides a solution to manage volunteers that will not interfere with your existing systems or cause any additional administrative tasks. The API gives you full access to your data and, as with all our services, keeps information protected and secure.

How is DutySheet hosted?

DutySheet is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is accessible by any Internet based device.

The main benefit of subscribing to this type of service is a higher adoption rate in users, since logging onto internet based platforms is a familiar process.

Not only does this reduce overheads from hosting, it negates upfront investment in IT Infrastructure, ongoing support and upgrade costs.

Your data is held securely in our UK based data centres and is accessible 24/7.