It’s time to ring the changes through HR transformation

The revolution will be digitised

The scope of the responsibilities that HR functions cover is pretty vast when you think about it – ‘from hire to retire’, as it’s sometimes known. With payroll, people and workforce management, talent and recruitment, learning and training, plus compliance and analytics, HR teams and managers have more balls to juggle and tightropes to tread than the average circus troupe.

Given the professional acrobatics that need to be performed, it’s worth knowing more about a unified solution that makes managing the employee lifecycle a whole lot simpler. One that connects a myriad of processes and helps organisations to scale with ease and better achieve sustainable growth. PeopleXD is change-ready and raring to go: below you can find an overview of its scope and benefits, but you can also read more on why the time is right for the improvements it brings by accessing the business case.

Harness the power of an interactive HR hub

Here’s a simple equation: employee + great employee experience = enhanced engagement and performance. Of course, the maths on the ground is a bit more complicated than that. There are the constant changes occurring in modern workplaces, a host of other pressures that HR professionals face when seeking to deliver a coherent strategy, plus the need to be backed up by an effective digital infrastructure.

So picking the right software solution is paramount when it comes to determining how easy it is to manage the duties of HR, payroll, talent acquisition and learning processes. Old-fashioned, rigid systems are increasingly dubious options, whereas an interactive HR hub – one built for evolving workforces – can transform an HR team from a pedestrian outfit to a data powerhouse with access to a wide array of useful information on personnel and operational standards.

Out with the outdated, in with the innovation

It’s not change for the sake of it, but about businesses being able to recognise the detrimental effects of repetitive problems that suck the life from HR functions’ efficiency and energy levels. Substandard systems may come in different shapes and sizes, but they invariably prompt the same types of team-based glitches and grumbles. For example, they entail:

  • Endless admin – repetitive tasks and manual processes often take up too much internal time and resources, stopping HR teams from achieving wider goals and better outcomes.
  • Poor analytics – most organisations have a treasure trove of people data available, but fail to convert raw info into valuable insights that could inform business decisions.
  • Silo systems – with aged systems that lack integration and connectivity, building accurate accounts of your workforce is highly problematic.
  • Dodgy data protection – in an age of super-sensitive information and confidentiality, storing important data in spreadsheets, paper files or other old-school forms is a risky business.

Reap the benefits of a revamped HR operation

The chances are that if your HR department isn’t functioning at an optimal level, some or all of the flaws mentioned above will strike a chord. They also reveal that it’s not typically people that are the problem, but rather the tools that teams work with and which have an immense impact on their ability to excel at what they do. That’s where a premier HR system can make all the difference. For instance, it will:

  • Empower your staff – a self-service platform means greater autonomy and agency for employees, not to mention how time-saving it is for your team.
  • Streamline onboarding experiences – an effective, informative portal means fresh faces are filled in on key information automatically and can go from new recruits to old hands more quickly.
  • Integrate for efficiency – a joined-up system means it’s much easier to share new data instantaneously and with less risk of human error.
  • Discover fresh data – with all of your data centralised in one place, it’s so much simpler to cross-reference and visualise large datasets, and generate reports quickly.

Keep your eyes on the ROI prize

If you think about the issues your department is currently facing, from unnecessary costs to glacial timescales, the case for equipping an HR department with the right tools in order to meet the wider strategic objectives of the business, becomes much clearer. Crucially, investment in HR is about supporting and furthering your organisation’s ultimate asset: its people.

By nurturing and bolstering their engagement, wellbeing, development and performance, employers can boost productivity and get the best possible return from individuals and teams, now and in the future. Increasing numbers of businesses are switching on to the good sense of constructing a workplace culture that allows employees to flourish – and are appealing to HR for appropriate options and plans, as a result. Now is therefore the ideal time to evaluate the latest digital systems and better understand the advantages they bring to the table.

It’s time to take a fresh look at enhancing your HR system

Interested in being the ringmaster of an HR revolution? Find out why PeopleXD is the perfect solution. Or get in touch with one of our friendly team members for a no-strings chat about your needs and our offering.

Building your business case for a new HR system

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