An introduction to Flightpath

We believe wholeheartedly that the functionality that our software offers our customers is very important, but it is only half of the value equation, how the system is rolled out is critical if the full value from your new investment is to be achieved. We're also aware that you may view new software implementations with some trepidation and many customers can find this period daunting. In fact, for some customers, this may be the first software roll out they have managed. We recognise this and have designed our implementation services to help ensure you have a great experience and are looked after along the way so that the whole process is less daunting… this is our FlightPath implementation approach.

Seamless implementation, delivered 100% remotely

All our FlightPath services have been designed to be remote-first, providing you with an improved low-risk implementation journey, no matter how your organisation is structured or wherever your employees are working.

We use video technology to facilitate face to face contact, so you still get the hands-on benefit of working with an Access expert and our years of software deployment expertise. We have also invested in product e-learning, so your users can learn our products at their own pace. Our remote-first approach means that you have regular, accessible communication with us to keep you on track at every step of your journey and that your software can be delivered flexibly to suit the needs of your organisation and employees.

All of our FlightPath consultants and on-boarders are not only certified in our products, they are also trained and certified in our remote-first FlightPath implementation methodology, including training in effectively delivering remote customer projects.


You have control, but we are never far from your side.

Each FlightPath implementation programme from Access follows a well-defined journey with key milestones. These milestones represent – at a high level – the individual phases of your implementation journey. 

We’ll be using these milestones to help us both track and communicate progress towards successfully launching to your users. Our aim is to give you value from your investment as quickly and as fully as possible.

Using our years of software deployment expertise, we have defined the FlightPath methodology. This is a journey based on best practice and designed to deliver timely value to you and your colleagues. And while it is ultimately your journey, we are here to support you all along the way.

Clear roles and responsibilities

Crucially our FlightPath approach clarifies our joint expectations, helping us both understand the process that we will jointly commit to, in order to successfully launch your chosen software to your end-users in a timely and efficient manner.

Here what our customers have to say:

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