Celebrating transformative business tech at Access Customer Awards

Erskine Care and Chevron Traffic Management recognised for achievements. 

The Access Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of business software, has today announced the winners of its Access Freedom to do More Customer Awards. The winners, announced at the annual Access World conference, include veteran's charity Erskine and infrastructure organisation Chevron Traffic Management. The award winners represent the best of technology innovation and growth amongst UK mid-market organisations.

“At this year’s Access World, we’ve been excited to show delegates how we’ve been developing technology that will transform the workplace and help them get excited about the future of work. We know that when using software feels easy, we see staff start to smile, to love doing what they do, and to focus on what makes a difference. Our two winners this year are wonderful examples of how innovative use of our market-leading software can give organisations the freedom to focus on what’s really important, helping them to achieve more.” said The Access Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Marjara

Access World is one of the biggest software industry conferences in the UK. Following the success of its inaugural event last year, customers and industry professionals were this year invited to the iconic Wembley Stadium to network and gain insight into how technology is transforming the workplace.

The winners were announced on stage during the plenary session and each received a £1,000 donation to the charity of their choice. More detail on the winners can be found below.

Veteran's Charity Erskine

Erskine provides unrivalled support to ex-servicemen and women and their spouses in Scotland, through four care homes and a Veterans Village, comprising 44 cottages, an Activity Centre, five Assisted Living Apartments and 24 soon to be built Single Living Apartments. Their care homes provide care and support for residents with nursing, dementia, respite and end of life care needs. A suite of Access Care Software, has helped Erskine to transform how they manage medication and keep care records, giving them the freedom to deliver high-quality, person-focussed nursing care to residents with complex care needs.

The improved efficiency and ease of use of their records system has given the staff at Erskine the freedom to maximise the quality time they are able spend with their residents, whilst keeping real-time records, maintained on unobtrusive hand-held devices, that help them to tailor residents’ care to their specific needs and wants. Meanwhile, the consistency and detail of the records they are able to capture within the system ensures that every member of staff at Erskine has access to any relevant information they need to deliver person-focussed care that meets all regulation and compliance requirements across their care homes. This ease of access to information also allows them to demonstrate to visitors, relatives and governing bodies the high-quality of care they provide.

Pauline McIntyre, Erskine Deputy Director of Care:

“Before implementing the software, we were using a paper-based system. Now, at the touch of a button, we access any information we need from any of the sites. The software has certainly saved us time, but more importantly it’s supporting the quality of our care. The mobile point of care means records are updated in real time and that really helps us to see the essence of the person we’re caring for.

From the residents’ point of view, using Access means we really are capturing the resident’s life and the care that they need, whilst being able to spend more quality time with them. From a governance point of view, we’re capturing information to help Erskine to be as safe, effective and person-focussed as possible.

The quality of care in Erskine has always been second to none but being able to capture it in the way we now can with our Access software allows us to show our staff, our residents’ relatives and the Care Inspectorate how we deliver the best possible care in line with every resident’s individual needs."

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Chevron Traffic Management

Chevron Traffic Management specialise in the provision of temporary traffic management throughout England and Wales. Chevron is the largest independent traffic management company operating throughout England and Wales. With an annual turnover of more than £60m, no other traffic management company is better equipped.

Chevron have used a suite of Access software to move away from paper-based systems and become a fully digital organisation. In doing so they have transformed their workplace, improving visibility across their business and achieving greater efficiency and cost savings. This in turn has seen Chevron grow their profitability and gross margins whilst assuring essential safety and quality processes.

Andrew Fennell, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, Chevron:

“The impact of Access on our business has been significant. We’ve moved from an organisation which was run on paper to a fully digital organisation. It's transformed the way in which we do work. If you walked into any of our offices now, nobody would have anything but good things to say about the platform.

We have a full suite of financials and business software, and the advantage we get is that those products work together. It’s improved profitability in the business by allowing us to drive much greater efficiencies throughout the organisation. Within any infrastructure market in the UK the primary concern is the safety of the people, both those who work within the infrastructure and also the public who use it. What the software has also allowed us to do is assure, end to end, all of our quality and safety processes and that has a direct impact on the bottom line.

We exited our PE investments in April 2018. The Access platform, and what we’d done with it, the way we’d digitally integrated it into the entire Chevron business, had a significant impact on the multiple we got for the organisation as a result.”

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