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Access Juniors Challenge

Struggling to keep the kids entertained while you’re working from home? We can help! We're sharing learning and creative resources from our internal children's hub, Access Juniors. We’re posting challenges every Monday and Friday for you and your kids to get involved in.

Don’t forget to share photos of your challenges on social media with #AccessJuniors

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Today’s Challenge:

If you’re looking for half-term boredom beating activities for your children, get them involved – it’s sure to get their creative juices flowing.

Today's challenge is to create a scene using a cereal box.

It could be a cinema screen, a TV, an aquarium, a theatre or anything that captures their imagination.

First, decorate the box to create the background.

Next, draw, make or collect lots of things to go inside.

Finally, they can use their cereal box scene to put on a show for the family!

Previous Challenges:

Challenge 1:

Draw your most artistic picture of your family.

Feeling imaginative? Why don't you give your family some crazy costumes or wacky hairdos?

You can include everyone in your household now, or include family that you have been isolated from if you aren’t able to see them at the moment.

Do you have 12 sisters, 7 aunts and 34 dogs?

Let's see them all! Share your creations with #AccessJuniors

Challenge 2:

We are all living through historic times and one day people will be very interested to know what happened so why don’t you make a time capsule to keep a record of what it was like living through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It’s up to you what you keep your time capsule in: an old shoebox, a gift bag, anything you have in your house will do, but don’t forget to decorate it, including your name and the date, so you remember what it is when you find it in the future!

Here are some ideas for things you could include:

  • Details about you: How old are you, where do you live, what are your favourite toys, tv shows, films, music. You could write a list, take some photos or draw some pictures.
  • Who you are with: Who is in your house at the moment, who are you looking forward to seeing in the future? Why not include your family portrait from Access Juniors Challenge 1.
  • What you are doing: Write a list or draw some pictures of some of the things you and your family are doing to keep yourselves entertained at the moment.
  • Looking to the future: Why don’t you write a letter to your future self about this time or write a list of some of the things you’d like to do when things return to normal?

Challenge 3

It’s Monday and we’re back to work! Keep the kids busy with #AccessJuniors Challenge 3!

Today’s challenge is to create a new invention!

You’ve already shown us how imaginative you are in your previous challenges!

Now we’d like to see what inventions you can make.

They can be made from ANYTHING. Lego, paper, if you have got it at home you can use it!

What will your invention do? Will it be mischievous or helpful? It’s totally up to you!

Share your creations with #AccessJuniors

Challenge 4

This year Access is supporting the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) as our charity of the year, and for this challenge we’d like our #AccessJuniors to learn some basics of British Sign Language (BSL).

We think knowing some basic sign language is a great skill for everyone to have and can go a long way to help deaf children feel included and understood.

We’ve added some links below to learn some basic greetings and the alphabet in BSL. Use these resources to learn how to introduce yourself and sign your name!

Here are the videos:

How to introduce yourself:

British Sign Language Fingerspelling Alphabet:

If your #AccessJuniors want to learn more sign language, NDCS has created a BSL For Deaf Friendly Activities playlist on YouTube, which has lots of fun and useful signs to learn.

Don’t forget to share photos and videos of your signing with #AccessJuniors

Challenge 5

Are your kids feeling the bank holiday blues? Don’t worry, today’s #AccessJuniors Challenge is a funny one!

Challenge 5 is to learn and tell 3 new jokes!

Everyone loves to laugh and making your family and friends smile can be particularly lovely at times like these

Why don’t you look for different types of jokes? How about a knock-knock joke? Or maybe one about animals? They’re always funny!

Once you have learned your jokes, you could put on a show at home, or how about give your friends or family a laugh over a video call?

Here’s one of our favourites to get you started:

Why was the computer cold at night?

Because it forgot to close its windows!

Don’t forget to share the laughs and post your jokes with #AccessJuniors!

Challenge 6

Looking for something fun to do with the kids this weekend? #AccessJuniors has got your back!

#AccessJuniors Challenge 6 is to create a paper plane, decorate it and see how far it can fly!

The plane can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You could even make two or three and test them to see which ones fly the best.

Why not hold a competition with your family to see who can come up with the coolest design, or who’s plane can fly the furthest? Maybe you could get your friends or family to judge who’s design is the best over a video call?

Don’t forget to send us a photo of your amazing design or video of how far your plane can go using #AccessJuniors

Challenge 7

#AccessJuniors are back and it’s time to get crafty! Today’s challenge is to create pictures using hand prints.

There are loads of great pictures your Juniors can make using handprints! Get them to try their hand (get it?) at a peacock, a tree or even a love heart! Or use different colours and make a handprint rainbow for your window!

They could also make a picture that has the hand prints of all your family – Remember to include names and ages on so you can remember when you look back at it!

If your Juniors are missing family or friends right now, you could even turn the handprint pictures into a card to send in the post. It’s sure to make the recipients smile.

For mess free handprints, why not use coloured paper or card to draw around hands and cut out the shapes.

And don’t forget to share photos of their wonderful handprint pictures using #AccessJuniors

Challenge 8

Get ready for a virtual dance party with #AccessJuniors challenge 8!

Physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety, so we thought this was a perfect challenge for Mental Health Awareness week. 

If your Juniors are missing family or friends right now, challenge them to make up their own dance to their favourite song and teach it to their loved ones over Zoom. A digital disco is a great way to stay connected! 

Don’t forget to share a video of those cool moves with #AccessJuniors

Bonus Challenge: Spread the Smiles

We're also inviting you to take part in our Spread The Smiles campaign, where we're encouraging kids to produce rainbow pictures, colourful art and even write letters, posters and postcards to share with care homes and charities. Find out more on Spread The Smiles , or view our Spread the Smiles Gallery.

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