Checklist for law firms: Top 10 questions to ask when selecting your hosting partner

Matt Turner

Content Marketing Executive, Access Legal

Choosing a hosting partner is one of the most important decisions your firm will make this year. A good solution with the right hosting partner will enable your practice to increase efficiencies, save on costs, scale more easily and enable your staff to work remotely - keeping them safe at this difficult time.

Some might be under the impression that migrating to the cloud is a major headache. However, with the right provider and partner, your journey to the cloud can be seamless and stress-free. This is what sets Access apart from other providers. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your migration is executed successfully with the minimum of fuss.

Selecting your hosting provider doesn’t need to be a complicated process but where should you start?

We’ve put together a checklist of what to consider and the questions you should ask when choosing your partner:  

  1. Does the provider understand and have experience in the legal market?
  2. Does the provider have direct experience with your case management product?
  3. What certifications does the provider have? How is compliance handled?
  4. How long has the company been trading and how confident are you on their financial stability?
  5. Where is the data stored? Where are the data centres located?
  6. What are the security protocols? How will my data be kept secure?
  7. How long will it take to get set up?
  8. What support is available? And how large is the support team?
  9. What are the costs?
  10. Can they provide additional value with supporting security courses for staff?

It’s also wise to consider your providers’ wider solution portfolio and their roadmap for the future. As  your cloud-based environment grows and your demand for additional technology increases, they are able to provide the right solutions at the right point in your journey.

The answers to these questions will ensure you have a good idea of whether the solution you’re looking at is right for you now and in the future.

Access Legal Hosting can provide you with answers and solutions to every point in the above checklist. Our Cloud hosting solution has proven to be cost effective for law firms throughout the UK. Get in touch with us today to find out more – or download our brochure on Cloud hosting