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Definitiv - Payroll & Workforce Management Software

Deliver accurate, compliant and timely payroll each and every pay cycle regardless of business size, organisational structure, industry or complexity of pay conditions. Streamline your processes, engage your workforce and deliver greater visibility and cost controls with Access Definitiv.

Definitiv is trusted by over 5,000 Australian businesses.

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Unlimited Employees

We provide payroll solutions for companies of all sizes, from small to enterprise level, built to scale up as your business grows.

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Multi-Entity Structure

We offer payroll software that accommodates the complexities of multi-entity businesses, allowing payroll teams to ensure accurate and compliant pay runs.

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Complex Pay Conditions

Efficiently manage diverse payment conditions, Award nuances, enterprise agreements, and external contractors with an intelligent payroll solution.

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Industry Requirements

Tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry, offering essential features such as Award Interpretation, time and attendance management, rostering, compliance recording, and more.

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Award Interpretation

Navigate the complexities of Awards, EBA's, and contracts, with a flexible and configurable Award engine using customisable templates that can cater to a wide range of possibilities and complex needs within any business structure.

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Payroll Compliance

Partner with a payroll provider with the deep knowledge and experience required to ensure the solution your business relies on will ensure its compliance.

Definitiv Features

Definitiv is a single unified platform, not connected applications which means one true source of data.


The complete payroll solution.

Definitiv equips you with one platform from time and attendance, through to payroll processing. Streamlining payroll and removing the need for multiple systems, Definitiv eliminates file uploads, reduces manual intervention and increases compliance, to free up your time and energy.

  • Date-driven payroll - Our intuitive date-driven technology means Definitiv can automatically interpret changes that occur during any given pay cycle.
  • Instant back pays - Calculating a back pay in Definitiv is quick and simple. Adjust the relevant policies or hours worked, along with the dates they are to be applied, and Definitiv will do the rest.
  • Infinite costing levels - Assign costs to projects, locations, departments, roles, work orders and tasks. Track your payroll costs beyond Definitiv using General Ledger Codes.
  • Flexible structuring - Definitiv caters for multiple pay calendars; pay, award and provision policies; shift types, work schedules, employment and even backdated policies.
  • Multiple entities - Have multiple operations? Manage the payroll and HR for multiple entities using the same account. For data integrity, each business is kept separate.
  • Award interpretation - Award Engine automates payroll calculations. It is even able to recognise an employee covered by multiple awards on a single day.
  • Seamless integrations - Using restful APIs, Definitiv integrates live with all well-known accounting systems and ERPs
Time & Attendance

Eliminate double entry of data, increase costing accuracy and have greater flexibility over approvals with Definitiv’s timesheets. Definitiv has been designed to help you have greater oversight over your labour costs and liabilities. With dynamic forms, detailed costing, flexible provisions and accruals, Definitiv’s time and attendance work around your business.

  • Configurable approvals – Customise automated timesheet approval rules to meet your organisation’s processes. Define events and jobs where multiple approvers can be required.
  • Dynamic Forms – Customised to an individual’s assigned projects, roles and other conditions, Definitiv timesheets will adjust and prepopulate as your employee is completing them.
  • Custom fields – Add as many additional fields to the timesheet as required. Start reporting on any new additional fields as soon as they are added.

Nurture a positive new starter experience before they even start.

Automating the onboarding experience, Definitiv not only helps you to save on administration costs but also offers your new team members a positive start to their new job. Definitiv's cloud-based onboarding module offers new team members a modern, flexible and stress-free way to join your team.

  • Mobile enabled – New starters can complete their onboarding processes directly from their mobile saving time and overheads.
  • Easier to manage - Whether you have multiple sites of operation or flexible working arrangements, Definitiv makes it easy with an onboarding process in the one place.
  • Permission-based processing - Onboarding is configured by permissions ensuring the data required by different roles in the business is delivered to the right person or department.
  • Template-driven processing - Onboarding in Definitiv is template-driven, making the process configurable, personalised and efficient. Collect the data you need with different onboarding templates for your different workforce divisions.
  • Configurable attachments – Add policies, welcoming statements, Fair Work Information Statement, or other documents to review.
  • Capture compliance documents – Streamline the upload of new employee clearances, qualifications and licenses during the onboarding process.
  • Automate the TFN & Super process – Automate TFN declaration capture and enable starters to pick your fund or their own or opt for the super stapled option.

A rostering solution that is fit for purpose.

Definitiv’s rostering tool provides you with end-to-end visibility over your workforce. With all your jobs, projects and divisions in one place, Definitiv gives you the capability to cover all facets of your business with the right resources.

  • Auto-fill – Utilising a long-term work schedule, role, project and resource capability data, Definitiv intelligently matches the right people for your jobs.
  • Drag ‘n’ drop – Definitiv’s rosters are highly flexible and easy to use. With drag ‘n’ drop functionality, you can move shifts around with little to no effort.
  • Bulk fill positions – Reduce time spent on filling out the roster by being able to assign people to multiple shifts at once.
  • Roster templates – Don’t start from scratch every time. For that added convenience, Definitiv allows you to set up reusable roster templates.
  • Availability - Your people can set days and times of availability, block out date ranges as unavailable and view anyone who is unavailable.
  • Flexible & live rosters - Editing rosters is simple. Once you have made and published the changes, all affected employees will be notified in real time.
  • Upcoming work schedule – Decrease no-shows as your people are shown their upcoming work schedule on the dashboard as soon as they log in.
Time Clock

Best of both worlds.

Make clocking on and off simple for your team while ensuring you can track and manage your people, right down to the task at hand. Catering to a variety of requirements, Definitiv TimeClock is available to be deployed at a stationary location or via an app on a person’s phone. The Definitiv TimeClock has been built with real people in mind.

  • Streamlined timesheets – Eliminate the need for manual timesheets and record the data you need for payments and project labour costs with a minimum.
  • Tap ‘n’ go - Secure and simple, utilising NFC technology (as with bank and public transport cards), so staff can tap ‘n’ go to automatically create and fill timesheets.
  • Job flexibility – Enable your people to switch roles and jobs with a tap or two, ensuring measurable and accurate job costing at all times.
  • Leave management –Streamline the leave process and reduce administration by enabling your people to apply for leave, directly through the stationary TimeClock App.
  • Stay operational - Don’t have access to the internet? No need to worry, the TimeClock will function fully offline, storing the data until it is back online.
  • Rostered hours vs actual hours – Easily compare rostered hours to actual hours
  • Resource costing - Review how much your roster is going to cost you in labour before making any commitments, whilst easily identifying opportunities for cost savings.
Employee Hub

Improving the payroll and workforce management experience. Reduce paper waste and administrative processes. From data entry to approvals, Definitiv utilises automatic workflows, creating a hands-off solution for your payroll, HR and administrative teams.

  • Updating personal details - Reduce administration and allow your people to manage their own personal and emergency information.
  • Payslips and annual statements – Reduce administrative overheads by empowering your employees to access their payslips and annual statements.
  • Timesheets - Eliminating double entry of data and freeing up the time of your payroll people, have your people enter their hours directly into Definitiv.
  • Leave - Having your people manage their leave applications directly within Definitiv reduces admin and tracks leave applications and leave history. Enable employees to project leave and accrual balances so they know what they can apply for.
  • Availability - The easy way for your people to keep you up-to-date on their availability. In Definitiv, your people can select the days, times and dates they’re available for work.
  • Manage approvals - Reviewing team members’ leave and hours worked is quick and easy with Definitiv. Managers can approve timesheets and leave applications individually, or in bulk.
Award Engine

Changing the industry.

Say goodbye to rigid, built-in awards or costly custom-developed awards and registered agreements, Definitiv empowers you by providing a 100% configurable Award Engine, allowing your payroll team to create their own rules and conditions.

  • Drag ‘n’ drop functionality - Providing you with the ability to add and change rules within the award quickly, you’ll be making updates like a pro in no time.
  • Flexibility - Definitiv gives you the freedom to build awards on your terms, allowing for individual customisations or changes.
  • Versioning - Need to increase pay rates or add a new entitlement? With Definitiv, you can version and copy your previous award policies while archiving older ones.
  • Qualified payroll consultants - It’s okay if you need help along the way. Our team of qualified and licensed payroll consultants can assist you in building compliant award policies.
  • No more spreadsheets - Removing manual calculations reduces the likelihood of human error and the need to make corrections down the track.
  • Multiple awards at once - From managing multiple awards within a pay run to processing multiple awards for an employee in a single day, Definitiv can help with the most complex operations.
  • Fully compliant - Definitiv’s Award Engine will produce the accurate information you need to be fully compliant with all the latest Australian conditions.

All-in-one super.

In partnership with Beam, Definitiv enables you to manage your super obligations in one platform. Beam makes timely manual processes, uploading file extracts and using external portals to pay superannuation contributions a thing of the past.

  • Eliminates errors - Our data validation controls ensure only active super funds are entered and utilised by your people.
  • All contribution types - Definitiv manages all super types, whether you require pre-tax and post-tax contributions or RESC and non-RESC contributions.
  • Flexible rates - Definitiv understands not one super rate fits all, so you can generate and assign different contribution rates throughout the organisation.
  • Returned super - Repay super with a few clicks in Definitiv to ensure your business remains compliant.
  • Super stapling - New starters can opt for their employer to confirm their stapled super fund.

Enterprise-level security.

To guarantee the integrity and security of your payroll and workforce data, we adopt industry-leading practices and technology. We make sure even at the client level, you can define your controls and rules in line with your company's security preferences.

  • Trustworthy infrastructure - Definitiv is backed by secure Amazon Web Services technology, with 99.5% uptime service level agreements. Plus, all data is secured only in Australian data centres.
  • Safe encryption - Definitiv is protected with 256-bit TLS encryption, the same high level of encryption used by banks to protect the privacy of your data.
  • 24/7 monitoring - With the help of machine learning to flag abnormal activity, Definitiv is monitored 24/7 to identify any malicious or unauthorised behaviour.
  • Data at rest - Encrypting data at rest is an additional layer of protection, preventing unauthorised access to your data.
  • Independent databases - All data is kept separate at the client level to safeguard the integrity of your data from contamination.
  • Unique URL - Each of our customers are provided with individual URLs. The unique URL ensures no other customer has access to your company’s login page.
  • Australian hosted - Keeping your data safe and local, Defintiv stores all customer data securely within Australian data centres only.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) - Enabling your IT to maintain centralised control over credentials and authorisation, Definitiv can be linked to your organisation’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).
  • Configurable user access - True to our word, even user access levels can be configured to individual tasks. Enabling you to have effective segregation of duties, you can create as many user authorisation levels as you need. If you have multiple entities, a user’s access can even be tailored differently to each entity.
  • Two-factor authentication - An additional layer of security, two-factor authentication helps to prevent an unauthorised person from being able to log in to your people’s accounts.
  • IRAP assessments - Definitiv closely aligns with the Australian Government's Information Security Manual and undertakes biennial IRAP assessments to verify our processes and systems.
  • Penetration testing - The Definitiv web and mobile apps are independently penetration tested annually or earlier if any changes could potentially impact security.
  • SOC 2 audits - Definitiv undertakes annual SOC 2 audits to provide your business and auditors with assurance of our internal security practices.

Real-time insights.

With real-time workforce insights available to you on demand, Definitiv gives you the power to make strategic decisions to improve organisational culture, performance and productivity.

  • Real-time data - Definitiv enables you to take advantage of current opportunities in your workforce or address adverse situations as they arise.
  • In-depth reporting - Report on any data within the software, even custom fields. From employee demographics to job costing, TimeClock variances, provisions and more.
  • Adaptable - Create and save your reports without any restrictions or limitations. Filter fields, set date parameters and select the output style to suit your organisation.
  • Presentation ready - Export or print reports from Definitiv instantaneously. Utilise several charts and pivot table layouts available to make them executive-ready.
Made for Mobility

Whether in the office or field, the Definitiv mobile app has your workforce covered. 

Engage employees via a self-service portal that streamlines leave requests, ensures accurate pay via time & attendance recording, provides increased visibility to work schedules and more.

Mobile App for Employee Self Service

4.3 Stars on Apple App Store (2.7K Reviews)

Digitally engage your recruits before day one, then empower them through a seamless modern experience that makes it simple to manage:

  • Payslips & Personal Details 
  • Work Schedules & Availability 
  • Time Tracking & Timesheets
  • Leave Requests & More

27+ Industries choose Definitiv

Choosing the right payroll and workforce management solution for your industry is vital to help your business improve productivity, control costs and ensure compliance with end-to-end visibility across your workforce.

Transport & Logistics

Workforce Management Software for Transport & Logistics. 

The challenges in managing the workforce for transport and logistics businesses are distinct and intricate. This industry, being under strict regulation, often struggles with creating schedules and understanding wage guidelines. The complexity is heightened by the fact that numerous employees have varying shift patterns, and intricate work schedules, and their wages are determined by diverse conditions.

Professional Services

Workforce Management Software for Professional Services. 

Managing a professional services organisation’s workforce is crucial to ensuring compliance, productivity, and profitability. Using a single platform to manage all aspects of workforce management ensures accuracy, compliance and visibility.

The professional services industry is diverse and dynamic, and using an all-in-one workforce management solution opens up many opportunities for both employers and employees.


Workforce Management Software for Mining. 

Managing the workforce in the resources sector has many challenges. It is very complex, as it involves more than simply paying wages - ensuring entitlements, engaging employees, and monitoring compliance are all important.

  • Rostering
  • Time & Attendance 
  • TimeClock App
  • Leave Management

Workforce Management Software for Education. 

The Education sector faces unique and complex workforce management challenges, from rostering and paying staff under various awards to STP2 compliance. The impact is profound, placing Bursar’s and their team directly in the firing line to ensure accurate, compliant and timely payroll.

  • Rostering
  • Time & Attendance 
  • TimeClock App
  • Leave Management

Manage a complex workforce in a single platform

When it comes to employing people in the construction industry, it’s both costly and complex. Definitiv has been built to manage multiple sites and complicated labour forces in a simple to use platform.

  • Close off projects
  • Qualifications & Document Management
  • Accurate Time Capture
  • Automate Project management
Labour Hire

Organise your labour more efficiently.

With a fluid talent pool, multiple corporate clients and endless jobs to keep on top of, it’s easy to lose track. Definitiv helps you stay in control of your workforce, from the clients your people are working with and the jobs they’re involved in, to the efficient management of their time and attendance.

  • Intuitive timesheets
  • Flexible workflow
  • External approval access

Helping you to meet production deadlines.

Efficiencies and remaining operational are critical in manufacturing to meet production deadlines. Definitiv can help you achieve your targets by enabling you to better plan your workforce requirements and improve staff reliability.

  • Award interpretation
  • Rostering
  • Tap ‘n’ go technology
  • Qualifications & Document Management
Oil & Gas

Putting your compliance at the forefront.

With multiple operations across multiple borders, it can be difficult to keep track of jurisdictions. Definitiv’s date-driven system makes it easy to capture what state, territory or even country your people are working and when. Definitiv can calculate each state’s payroll tax and WorkCover.

  • Rostering
  • Job Costing

Helping you get on top of your staffing requirements.

Having the right amount of staff rostered on, managing no-shows quickly and keeping your people up-to-date on their upcoming work schedule is essential in the hospitality industry.

  • Rostering
  • Team availability
  • Award engine
  • Qualifications & Document Management

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