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One integrated business software solution for Payroll, HR, Learning and Finance operations. Power to your people means you get the freedom to do more.

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Works the way you want it to work

Access Workspace is a transformative way to achieve a connected and engaged organisation.

It is the single sign-on platform for all Access business software solutions, so you can connect Payroll, Finance, HR and Digital Learning, all in one central location. Every employee has access to the data and functionality they need, when they need it – expense claims, purchasing requests, booking leave, all in one central location.

Collaboration tools and intuitive apps give your power users true visibility, in real-time, while others have quick and easy access to less complex but still important information. That’s how we offer you one simple promise: the freedom to do more.

Powerful apps. Total visibility. Get more done.

Intuitive and powerful apps

Workspace apps help you find information and complete tasks quickly and easily across your different business software solutions.

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Smart use of data

A single, integrated data view, gives you access to real-time, powerful analytics. No need to rely on other teams to get the information you need.

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Collaborative working

Access Workspace connects teams through shared data and insight, providing a more efficient, engaging and productive way of working across your whole organisation.

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Personal customised dashboards

Every employee can customise their single sign-on Workspace based on their personal preferences. No more technical debt due to poor user adoption.

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How can employees use Access Workspace?

Short answer, the way they want to. The power of Access Workspace is in its ability to connect your employees to the software solutions they need through powerful apps, just like those on their phone or tablet.

Complementary apps allow users to complete tasks and find information easily and personal apps, that help them connect and engage with tasks, people or information sources.

How Can Workspace Help Employees
How does Access Workspace support line managers?

In the same way, these apps provide managers with the same capability to better support and develop their direct team through employee reviews, objective setting, leave approvals and approving expenses. It also supports cross-functional teams with improved collaboration, access to shared information, improving faster delivery and overall productivity on key projects.

Integration across solutions through Workspace also means whenever you make updates in one business software solution, records automatically update in all other solutions.

How Can Workspace Help Line Managers
How does Access Workspace help my business?

It empowers employees to self-service across software solutions depending on their needs or permissions, in a way that is engaging and intuitive.

The powerful data warehouse underpinning Workspace – Analytics – will safely store all of your key business data. From here, you can create accurate and real-time analytics reports across all your entire software suite.

How Can Workspace Help My Business

Case Study

General Manager - Ribtex International Pty Ltd

"We save at least two or three days every month thanks to the simplified process and capability of the Access Analytics tool. It’s easier for our new people to pick up and use, and we can get the right information in our hands more readily. We’ve also seen fewer questions come back to our customer service team and it’s given our sales reps better visibility of trends around products and more information about each customer so they’re able to see if orders have dropped off or picked up."

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