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Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Solutions 

Leverage 35 years’ experience in connecting people, payroll and processes to drive better business outcomes across your organisation through HRIS systems.
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One HRIS System – One Connected Team

Unify your employee experience across their entire lifecycle from hire to retire.

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Flexible Payroll

Deliver accurate and compliant payroll every pay cycle regardless of industry or complexity via Access Australian developed payroll solutions

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Powerful HR

Attract the most talented team members, onboard them with ease, ensure they are on track to met their KPIs, and set them on a journey to reach their full potential

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Engaging Learning

Foster a culture of professional development and ensure compliance via learning paths that are engaging and easy to follow

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Improved Visibility

Make more informed decisions and uncover the unknowns by bringing all your people & payroll information into one reportable environment.

HR Software That Unlocks Potential

From recruitment to retirement, ensure your teams have all the information they require and employees are set up for success by centralising all data and streamlining your core people processes.

Capture, manage and report on employee details, pay rules, certifications, training qualifications, performance reviews, leave records or even bespoke data such as vaccine records. Go paperless by placing your existing files within a document storage solution that ensures records are safe, auditable and can be accessed at a moment’s notice.

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Access Payroll - Trusted By Over 5,000 Australian Businesses

Leveraging 35 years as a leading Australian payroll and workforce management provider to deliver accurate, compliant and timely pay runs each and every pay cycle, with flexible and extensible solutions that support any business structure, industry and pay condition.

Access payroll software and workforce management software are designed to streamline your processes, engage your workforce and deliver greater visibility and cost controls. Integrate part or implement a complete HRIS system including Payroll, HR, Rostering, Award Engine, Timesheets, eLearning and Services offerings - all from one provider.

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Single Unified Workforce Experience

Enable your employees and remove administrative overheads for the teams that support them by bring together all their people and payroll needs into one single sign user interface - Access Workspace.

Access Workspace is a transformative way to achieve a connected and engaged organisation. Team need only go to one location via single sign-on for all Access business software solutions, so you can connect and report on all your Payroll, HR, eLearning and Recognition solutions, all in one central HRIS System.

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Engage Employees, Support Development and Achieve Compliance

Deliver efficient and effective learning with Access LMS, a learning management system to help you support continuous professional development, while providing the tools you need to create, assign, deliver, manage and report on effective learning in your organisation.

With hundreds of pre-built courses to choose from ranging from health, safety & wellbeing to industry-specific compliance courses as well as tools to create your own learning content, you'll be well placed to ensure your people are compliant, engaged and set up for success.

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CloudReach improves HR productivity

It’s a very modern system, and when choosing an HR database one of the main challenges for us was to find a system that is flexible enough to deal with all our business needs


Power Insights That Drive Better Decisions

Align organisational goals with business outcomes via Access’s powerful HRIS dynamic and comprehensive reporting tools surfacing information in meaningful ways and enabling teams and your executive to continuously monitor and drive proactive change.

Payroll reporting needs to be a combination of quick access everyday queries to comprehensive dashboards, providing teams with up-to-date information across all your people & payroll data.

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Your Complete HRIS Partner

Whether you’re a simple single ABN business or complex multi entity/legislation enterprise, Access have a range of people & payroll services designed to meet your organisational goals. Leveraging 35 years of ANZ payroll, Workforce Management and Human Resource experience, The Access Group are more than just your solution provider, we're your complete business partner in success.

From outsourcing, recruitment, training, consulting and support, our payroll professionals have an average 10 years tenure, so you can be confident knowing that you have a team behind you dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

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Streamline your entire hire to retire process

Applicant Tracking


Powerful payroll

HRIS Self Service

Learning Management System (LMS)

Performance Management

Enhanced Visibility

Complete Payroll & HR Partner

Applicant Tracking

Engage and hire the most talented people.

Recruitment is not a game of chance. The applicant tracking system in Access HRIS is designed to help you build a recruitment process that sets out clear standards across your organisation and then consistently find the most talented people who fit your culture.

  • Streamline the publishing of jobs, shortlist candidates and hire the most appropriate people.

  • Enable applicates to provide video snapshots.

  • Score applicants against key criteria.


Learn more about Applicant Tracking solutions.


Create a great first impression by allowing new staff to complete your onboarding process.

  • Start employee onboarding before the employee’s start date.

  • No double-entry of data: the employee’s information flows through to your employee master files.

  • Use Payroll Employee Groups to prepopulate pay details and leave tables.

  • All details completed before day one.


Powerful payroll

Australia’s trusted payroll source.

Access payroll solutions are Australia’s number one payroll choice for payroll professionals*.

Access solutions cater for all business types, structures, and industries. With complete visibility to payroll calculations, true multi-entity payroll, flexible pay frequencies and GL integration down to cost codes, Access delivers confidence to payroll teams and their executive.

*Access MicrOpay as voted in 2020 Australian Association Benchmark Report.



Learn more about our Payroll Solutions.

HRIS Self Service

Simplify and elevate your people experience.

Empower your workforce and remove administrative overheads by providing your teams with access to all their people and payroll productivity apps.

Via Access Workspace your administrators and people mangers get a complete picture of their workforce and their tasks. Provide your workforce with mobile access to review and update their details, review goals, manage, request leave, review pay advices, summaries and more.

Built on a rich and configurable user interface Access Workspace delivers a single unified HRIS workforce experience in one location.



Learn more about Employee Self Service.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning platforms at engage workforces.

Deliver learning management tools and eLearning courses that enable your workforce to complete required training and expand their capabilities in an environment that is engaging and flexible.

Create, assign, deliver, manage and report on effective learning in your organisation:

  • Deliver powerful digital learning courses your employees want to engage with.

  • Ensure organisational compliance requirements are up to date.

  • Improve the people experience within your organisation.

  • Quickly identify and address development gaps across your organisation with learning needs analysis tools and the ability to assign and track learning pathway.


Access Learning offers an extensive collection of Australian based eLearning courses to support effective and engaging learning in your organisation with a large and diverse selection of content libraries covering topics from personal and professional development, risk, compliance, health & safety and cyber awareness to industry-specific and role-related courses.


Performance Management

Enable your workforce to reach its full potential.

Help each employee reach their full potential and build teams that work together towards goals that really matter to your organisation. Identify with ease who to reward and who may require extra support, helping to ensure training and development resources are spent in accordance to goals and expectations.

• Manage performance reviews.

• Measure employees' skills and values.

• Track year-on-year progress to ensure continuous improvement.


Enhanced Visibility

Know the unknowns.

Deliver visibility with actionable insights across your HRIS environment via pre-configured reports and dashboards.

Identify risks and drill down to anomalies before they become issues. Understand employee trends and patterns that drive better engagement and decrease attrition.

Utilise Access Workspace’s powerful dashboards and reports to enable autonomy to your teams to create specialised reports to share with boards, executives and senior management for analysis.


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Complete Payroll & HR Partner

Australia’s Trusted HRIS Partner.

The Access Group supports thousands of organisations locally from offices across Australia.

Because Access customers have come to expect a world class approach to their unique people and payroll, Access provide Australian based services & support backed by staff with 10 years average payroll experience that resolve 87% of support requests on the first interaction.

Ensure business continuity with outsourcing, recruitment services, training and 24/7 online e-Knowledge where 79% of Access customers resolve their queries without even contacting the support desk.


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