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Manage your workforce with People HR – centralised and automated HR software that assists in decision making, manages the recruitment process, engages your employees and eliminates paperwork and repetitive data entry.

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Leave Management System

An easy way to manage employee leave requests online.


Employee Recognition Platform

Build a happy, engaged and high-performing workforce where everyone is growing in the same direction.


Employee Onboarding

Create a great first impression by allowing new staff to complete your onboarding process online.


Employee Self Service

Empower your employees, increase productivity and improve workplace culture with employee self service (ESS) software.

Progressive HR that makes a real difference

You’ll enjoy doing more with our fully integrated HRIS system that is easy to learn and requires no technical knowledge.

  • Attract and retain talented people who fit your culture
  • Performance management that truly improves employee outcomes
  • High-impact reports that prove the value of HR
  • Built-in expert guidance to help you make smarter HR decisions
Progressive HR software

HR essentials with expert guidance built in 

Make smarter HR decisions with expert advice built into each element of our HR Essentials package. People HR software prompts you at key decision points to help you make smarter choices, faster.

  • Uses anonymised data from other HR departments to suggests the next logical task
  • Tracks key HR metrics and benchmarks your progress against other companies in your industry
  • Provides alerts so you never miss an important date such as birthdays and renewals
HR essentials

Discover how to develop a decisive HR strategy with tactics that not only facilitate your organisation’s COVID-19 recovery but also lay the foundation for long-term success.

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Centralise your HR information and automate repetitive tasks

Bring your HR data together and automate repetitive tasks that use up your time. Track sick days, update employee information, and send out reminders and documents – all from one central HR software system.

  • Build intelligent workflows that take care of repetitive tasks
  • Centralised, customisable employee information
  • Easy to find and edit information
  • Team planner lets you see who is working when
  • In-built time-tracking software for you to identify trends
Automate repetitive tasks

Help each employee reach their full potential

Performance management motivates your people to hit their targets and reach their full potential. It’s about helping teams work together towards goals that really matter to your organisation.

  • Manage performance reviews
  • Measure the skills and values most important to your organisation
  • Identify who to recognise and reward and who to support
  • Ensure training and development resources go where they matters most
  • Track year-on-year progress to ensure continuous improvement
Hr Performance Management@2X (1)

Progressive HR software that is quick to implement, easy to use and makes a real difference.

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Attract and retain talented people who fit your culture

The applicant tracking system in our HR software understands that recruitment is not a game of chance. People HR is designed to help you develop a recruitment process that sets out clear standards across your organisation and then consistently find the most talented people who fit your culture.

  • Build a compelling employer brand
  • Share your vacancies in the right places
  • Easily identify and connect with the best candidates
HR applicant tracking

High-impact Reporting

Prove the value of HR with high-impact results. Our selection of powerful reports help you understand and demonstrate the real business impact of HR

  • Standard reports that assist with staff planning and growth
  • Drag-and-drop report writer
  • Virtual assistant that finds information, manages reminders and suggests actions on important dates
HR High Impact Reporting

Discover our HR resources

Discover resources covering the latest HR industry insights, best practice advice and tips that help HR and L&D professionals work better today and improve people and culture over the long term.

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What is HRIS software?

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a centralised software solution that combines a number of systems and processes into a single platform.

Also called HR software, Core HR or HR Administration software, an HRIS is used by both small and large businesses to assist with employee management. HRIS lets you manage employee data, expenses, recruitment, on-boarding, training, absence, performance and more.

HRIS software aims to boost employee engagement while minimising time-consuming and repetitive tasks that use up the time of the HR team.

Best-of-breed HRIS integrates with your learning and development softwareemployee recognition tools and your payroll software for a complete picture of your workforce and its impact on your organisation.

Hr HRIS Software

Looking for payroll software for Australia and New Zealand?

Access Attaché Payroll software delivers local compliance and accuracy while minimising data entry and maximising employee engagement.

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