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Financial Management software

Our leading financial management software helps finance teams see the bigger picture. It brings your people, data and systems together in one place, and provide a true view of your business for growth.

Flexible financial software that moves and grows with your business

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Multi-entity & multi-currency

Consolidate and report on your organisation, no matter how complex the structure.

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Accounting process automation

Streamline repetitive accounting tasks to save your organisation time and reduce input errors.

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Multi dimensional reporting

Gain data-driven insights into your organisation with powerful and flexible analyses of your accounting data.

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AUS and NZ Compliant

Development teams on the ground in Australia and New Zealand ensure you stay compliant with local legislation, including GST and other statutory reporting requirements.

Customisable finance software for your organisation

Build your own finance software tailored to your organisation with these easy-to-use features: Accounting, Fixed Assets, Stock Control, Sales Processing, Purchasing, and Financial Reporting.

As your business grows, our software will grow with you. You can add on features when your needs change so you'll never have to switch finance systems again.

Move to a smarter, more integrated financial management system

From growing your business, to group-level accounting, or managing multiple projects, Access Financials has been developed in the cloud by finance experts. It is a platform for growth that will allow you to scale with confidence; streamline and automate operations; empower your people with custom views and self-service; and gain full multi-dimensional visibility of all your business and third-party data. One single view allows you to make faster and more informed decisions.

How your business will benefit from integrated financial software:

  • Streamline operations - no more disparate systems or time-consuming reporting. Automated and integrated processes will drive your business forward.
  • Create a platform for growth - as you evolve, we evolve with you, adapting to your needs.
  • Empower your people - easy-to-use financial software, self-serve apps and real-time financial reporting.
  • Gain full visibility – make faster and more informed decisions with your finance, project, sales, HR, credit and even third-party data in one single view.
  • Integrated way of working - everything you need joined up, and in one place.

Explore our integrated Financial Management Software

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Powerful Core Accounting

Effectively and accurately manage all elements of accounting with our sophisticated cloud-based accounting software. 

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Employee Expense Management

Designed to make expenses easy, Access Expense removes manual processes, helps enforce your expense policy and improves the employee experience.

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Automated Accounts Payable

Eliminate error and reduce administration with automated purchasing software that fully integrates with your financial management software.

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Inventory Management

Gain complete visibility of your inventory. Know exactly what stock you hold at any point in time, get up-to-the-minute valuations, and keep a check on how quickly it's moving.

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Financial Reporting

From keeping track of accounts to management reporting and forecasting, you’ll have an integrated view of your entire organisation, helping to improve future efficiency and profitability.

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Project Accounting

Combine your financial, project and resource management together, for a full 360 view of your projects and business. Get clear, accurate data to drive better management decision-making.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Powerful cash flow reporting, forecasting and actionable financial insights, all in one solution. Make better business decisions with cash flow forecasting software.

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Access Workspace brings together all of your Access Solutions so they work from a single source of data. Improving efficiency, visibility and communication across your organisation.

A finance system loved by more than 4,000 leading businesses and not-for-profit organisations

Get more from your Financial Management solution.

Get in touch with one of our finance specialists to find out how Access Financials brings together powerful financial management solutions into one integrated system capable of managing your organisation's unique needs.

Keep up to date with the latest in Accounting and Finance

Visit our Finance Resources hub and Finance Blog for the latest in research, best practices and insights to keep up with the best in the industry.

Financial management software FAQs

What is financial management software?

Financial management software (FMS) is the software and processes a business uses to manage assets, income and expenses.

From basic bookkeeping to streamlining invoices to advanced analytics, financial management software is designed to help you automate and simplify all the financial aspects of your business. An effective finance system provides companies with a full suite of accounting software and a single source of truth.

An effective finance system provides companies with a full suite of accounting software providing you with a single source of truth.
Our financial management software is Access Financials.
What are the benefits of financial management software?
Financial software pulls together data from siloed systems allowing you to view all your key data in one place, reducing time consuming tasks and errors.

You can automate manual processes, streamline reporting and combine finance data with other areas of your organisation such as projects, sales and HR to give you one single view, allowing you to make faster and more informed business decisions.
How can financial software support your organisation?
Financial software gives you greater financial control and visibility, streamlines your reporting and reduces time spent on manual tasks. With our easy-to-use self-serve apps, you can empower people with access to the information they need, in real time.

Access Financials is a true platform for growth, we understand that as you grow your needs change, so our flexible and scalable software evolves with you.

Our financial management software gives you full visibility with finance, project, sales, HR, credit and third-party data in one single view, enabling faster and more informed decision making.
Why trust Access?

With over 60,000 customers globally you're in safe hands. We provide;

Tailored support: our growth is not only because our customers love our finance software, but more importantly, we're always there to help them make the most of their systems. We'll support you through decision making, implementation, discovery and evolution.

Latest cloud technology: hosted on our industry-leading cloud, you can access your financial management software anywhere, on any device – safe in the knowledge that you're always working on the latest version and have the latest data to hand.

Compliant with local regulations: our finance and accounting software complies with the latest regulations, including GDPR, digital tax and statutory reporting requirements. Automatic software upgrades mean you can always access the latest features.

Protecting your data: with enterprise-level IS027001 security, 100% uptime, automated backups and 24/7 support, you can be confident your data is in safe hands.

How do I switch finance software?

You can confidently switch finance software with Access:

We've successfully implemented our cloud financial management software for thousands of customers, so we know how to switch accounting software smoothly.

Our finance software experts can support your every step, from design and implementation to training and going live, so you can be confident that you'll be up and running quickly.

Once you're set up, we're here to help you make the most of your finance system. Our customer success managers and consultancy experts come equipped with a wealth of product expertise and industry experience. Plus, you get anytime-access to online support from a community of users, as well as helpful articles, videos and more. Our tailored packages provide support to match your organisation's needs.

View our guide to switching finance software.

How much does financial software cost?

Our popular finance packages start from $209 per user per month. If you require more bespoke features, we can also cater for that with a package and price tailored to your individual needs.  

Take a look at the accounting software prices for all our packages.

Need more information? Our How much does accounting software cost article includes cost comparisons, factors that affect the price and how to lower the price, to help you when choosing a new finance system.