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Payroll & Workforce Management:

Payroll Analytics & Reporting

Data and payroll analytics are the keys that enable organisations to make better business decisions. Dynamic and comprehensive reporting tools are paramount for surfacing information in meaningful ways, enabling teams to confidently monitor and drive proactive change.


Payroll Reporting

Payroll reporting needs to be a combination of quick access to everyday queries and dashboards, providing teams and your executive with the insights they require to make strategic business decisions.

Using the power of table-style reporting and dashboards with access to all employee data, pay history, awards, timesheets, leave or even custom fields, your teams will always be in control and with date-driven payroll software, always be reporting on the most current data.

Workforce Management Reporting

Present in our payroll and workforce management software, get complete visibility of your labour costs at the most incremental level, for example a breakdown of labour costs on each project at summary and pay item level.

Using powerful analysis and report writing capabilities your teams can detect and report upon any adverse trends and take necessary action. Use proactive reporting to make decisions such as reviewing labour costs before they commit to a roster and provide effective on time cost control.

HR Reporting

Understand the heartbeat of your people with complete visibility at a department, location or individual level. From diversity levels to roles for hire to workplace certificate expire dates your HR team and people managers can be confident they can access the detail they need when they need it most.

Create and track key HR metrics such as time to hire, employee performance, turnover rate, overtime risk, absenteeism rates, training compliance or leave liability and enable people managers to view rosters, leave calendars and identify gaps in coverage directly via their mobile.

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Utilising pivot tables, your team have the power to create reports in any format they require and choose a variety of layout options, from tables to charts.

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Create and save your own reports without any restrictions or limitations. Filter fields, set date parameters and select output styles, allowing teams to review the data they need, in the format they want.

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Start with pre-set reports, dashboards or export data to your own tool. With a number of chart and pivot table layouts available out of the box, your reports will be presentation ready for management in no time.

Streamline the entire employee lifecycle

From employee onboarding through to eventual retirement, simplify every step of your employees’ journey and the team that supports them with one seamless and streamlined platform - all from the single vendor.

Workspace - a single unified workforce experience

Enable your employees and remove administrative overheads for the teams that support them by bring together all their people and payroll needs into one single sign on user interface - Access Workspace.

Get more from your payroll solution

Streamline your processes, engage your workforce and deliver greater visibility to your teams.

Talk to one of our experts to get the right solution for your needs and business.

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Payroll Analytics FAQs

What are Payroll Analytics?

Payroll analytics enables organisations to make better business decisions based on data. The ability to surface information in meaningful ways allows teams to monitor and drive proactive change confidently. Your payroll software reporting system provides your teams and executives quick access to everyday queries and dashboards to make strategic business decisions.

What can you do with payroll data in your company?

Your company can make strategic business decisions based on payroll analytics and workforce management software data when it has the right payroll reporting and data. The data allows you to uncover productivity issues and develop workforce management plans. Reporting becomes simple with the right level of detail, and real-time availability is always up-to-date.

How can I protect my payroll data?

Payroll software and Workforce Management software data is confidential and need to be kept secure. To ensure the integrity and security of your payroll and workforce data, Access Payroll uses industry-leading practices and technology. A 256-bit TLS encryption is used to protect payroll data, the same level of encryption banks use. Permission-based access to payroll and workforce management ensures the right level of access is available to manage your workforce. Single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and custom password policies provide data security for employees and employers. You can detect security breaches through payroll analytics and reporting.

Can I run a payroll analysis report with Access Payroll?

Access Payroll solutions provide comprehensive reporting and payroll analytics to see your labour costs, for example, at the pay item and summary levels. A powerful analysis and report writing capability allow your teams to identify any adverse trends and take action accordingly. Provide effective cost control on time with proactive reporting, such as reviewing labour costs before they commit to a roster.