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As a provider of business software solutions that deliver better ways of working, we are always seeking to understand how people work, how they want to work, and how organisations can better enable their people with the freedom to do more.

Our latest piece of research sought to establish if there was a way in which Australian organisations could better deliver on both profits and long-term prosperity. Read on to learn more about what we discovered in our Powering Profits and Prosperity research, and to download our latest report.

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Powering Profits and Prosperity

Brand new research from the Access Group

To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”   - Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager.

Achieving sustainable, long-term growth has long been a strategic consideration for organisations. Profits matter, but so does societal, environmental and personal well-being. But to what degree do each of these combine to create a sum that is greater than its individual parts?

We sought to understand exactly how much these other factors matter when it comes to business focus, and how well Australian organisations were performing against these. And ultimately, we sought to establish if there was a way in which organisations could better deliver on those elements in the name of profits and long-term prosperity.

We believe there’s an answer, and it lies in how people approach their work. That is, through the implementation of an autonomous working style, organisations can enable people to shape their work and work environment to achieve the goals they are set. So, what did our research uncover?

download powering profits and prosperity research report
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Revisit our 2021 Research piece, Autonomy to the People

Giving your team the autonomy they want is good for your business and can make a real impact to your corporate culture and creating a positive workplace. Our 2021 research, Autonomy to the People, uncovered the data to prove this.

Learn why greater workplace autonomy will boost your revenue and performance, while giving your people what they want. This ground-breaking research was the precursor to ‘Powering Profits and Prosperity’, and delves into why autonomous working styles are the way forward for successful and growing businesses.

download autonomy to the people research report

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Securing and retaining talent through autonomy: What your people really want

Seventy-three percent of Australian businesses expect they will have difficulty finding and retaining skilled labour in 2022. The so-called ‘Great Resignation’ has seen a shift in priorities and people want their jobs to follow suit. Those with the power to hire need to consider a wider range of factors than ever before – but what are those factors?

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Three ways to help your organisation switch to an autonomous environment

Incorporating autonomy in the workplace requires people to have several skills, including self-motivation, initiative, resourcefulness, confidence, dependability, organisation, planning, and problem-solving. So how do you achieve greater autonomy while maintaining focus on critical business objectives?

Autonomy Cog

Moving beyond Empowerment to Autonomy

According to our research, most organisations in Australia operate with a mix of empowerment and top-down control working styles, but the people working in these organisations have told us they want autonomy instead – where they’re able to decide and design the best way of working for them. There is a clear disconnect between what people want and what business is prepared to give.