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On-premise accounting software

For many years, Access Attaché has been our leading on-premise accounting software.

However, due to innovation and digital transformation we now offer two cloud based solutions with Access Financials and Attaché on Workspace.

If you are an existing customer still using Attaché and have a question or query, please speak to your Account Manager or contact our support team

The journey from on-premise to cloud accounting

Looking for Access Attaché or on-premise accounting software? The Access Group have evolved and our finance software is now hosted in the cloud.

As times change, so does the ability to access data. Desktop accounting software users face many challenges including, lack of remote access, struggles of collaboration and questions around security.

We are supporting the finance team of the future with our cloud-based accounting software, Access Financials. Our cloud-based solution lets you and your team access your accounts anytime, wherever you are, on any device – safe in the knowledge that you’re always working on the latest version and always have the latest data to hand. You can be assured your data is backed up, secure and compliant.

Benefits of moving from on-premise accounting software to a cloud-based solution

Cloud-based accounting software like Access Financials brings many benefits over on-premise solutions such as enabling users to work wherever they want; in the office, at home or travelling between meetings.

Other advantages of moving away from on-premise include;

  • Enterprise-level security - Keeps your data safe against threats, data loss and leaks 
  • Automatic software upgrades - Giving you access to all the latest features 
  • 100% uptime performance - Automated backups and 24/7 support

Signs you have outgrown your on-premise accounting software

As your business changes, the on-premise accounting software you once relied on may now be a barrier to efficiency and growth. There are signs to see whether your on-premise accounting software is holding you back.

  • Unreliable data backups - Too much time spent on manual backups to physical media
  • End user issues - Slower system performance, more time waiting for information than using it for analytical insights
  • Outdated systems and technology - Manual patches and updates become more time consuming and difficult to keep on top of
  • Security issues - Impact of cyber threats and data loss or corruption

If you are experiencing any of the above pain points, talk to our finance expert about a move to our cloud-based accounting software.


Explore our integrated Financial Management Software

Looking to move on from your desktop accounting software? Get in-depth information on each component of Access Financials.

Payroll Outputs Icon Full Colour Tiny
Powerful Core Accounting

Effectively and accurately manage all elements of accounting with our sophisticated cloud-based accounting software. 

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Employee Expense Management

Designed to make expenses easy, Access Expense removes manual processes, helps enforce your expense policy and improves the employee experience.

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Automated Accounts Payable

Eliminate error and reduce administration with automated purchasing software that fully integrates with your financial management software.

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Inventory Management

Gain complete visibility of your inventory. Know exactly what stock you hold at any point in time, get up-to-the-minute valuations, and keep a check on how quickly it's moving.

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Financial Reporting

Analyse financial and payroll data on-demand with flexible reporting options across all modules of the accounting system. Easily customise and with multiple options to output reports for data analysis.

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Project Accounting

Combine your financial, project and resource management together, for a full 360 view of your projects and business. Get clear, accurate data to drive better management decision-making.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Powerful cash flow reporting, forecasting and actionable financial insights, all in one solution. Make better business decisions with cash flow forecasting software.

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Move beyond the workarounds to a smarter, more integrated and scalable finance system by connecting your financial data to the rest of your Access solutions with Access Workspace.

Ready to move to the cloud? Contact us to find out more about Access Financials

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Desktop accounting software FAQs

What is on-premise accounting software?

On-premise accounting software is installed on a local server together with a company’s financial database. It can also be known as desktop accounting software.

On-premise requires a one-time installation, typically any updates and upgrades are made when new licenses are purchased.

On-premise was the most common form of accounts until around 2006 when cloud-based solutions became much more in demand.

For further information, read our article Cloud vs on-premise accounting software: How do they compare.

What are the key differences between cloud-based and desktop accounting systems?

The key difference between cloud-based and on-premise/desktop systems is where the software is being hosted.

With cloud-based, the software is hosted on a vendor’s platform and accessed via a web browser. On-premise/desktop is installed locally on a business’ computers and server.

Cloud-based offers scalability, accessibility, cost effectiveness and automated updates to remain compliant and secure.

Read our full article Cloud vs on-premise accounting software: How do they compare? for more information.

Is cloud accounting software a better fit for you?

Cloud-based accounting software has built on the reliability and functionality of on-premise accounting systems and includes the valuable benefits that web-based technology offers.

If you’re looking to streamline and automate complex accounting tasks with scalability in mind, hosting your accounting software in the cloud might be a better option for your business.

I’m an existing customer using Access Attaché, how do I upgrade?

Excited about moving to a cloud-based accounting software? Here’s what to do next:

  • Talk to your Access Account Manager: they are on hand to answer any questions you may have about moving to the cloud
  • Request a demo: get a 1 on 1 in-depth demo of Access Financials
  • Review your business case: reduced costs? Saved time? More engaged staff? See how well a cloud-based solution can benefit you
  • Get others involved: there’s no better way to maintain buy-in and build momentum for positive change