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Becoming a Strategic CFO

As businesses grow and change, finance professionals are key to a successful evolution. A strategic CFO needs to ask insightful questions to understand the best financial course to take. Making sense of a growing volume of data, organising it a way that makes sense, and using this data to enable smart business decisions is what makes a CFO truly strategic.

Explore what it means to be a strategic CFO with the resources below

The Strategic CFO Resources

Cfo3 Digital Transformation Beyond Financial Management Thumbnail
CFO 3.0 – Digital Transformation beyond Financial Management

Tomorrow’s CFO is expected to be a visionary, using and analysing data to predict the future direction of the organisation, uncover hidden opportunities and close information gaps. Learn how the role of the CFO moves from ‘historian’ to ‘visionary’, whilst playing a larger role in leading the digitalisation of growing businesses.

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The evolution of a Strategic CFO (eBook)

In this report we look at some of the key problems that are holding CFOs and finance directors back, and what they can do to become more strategic. Understand the direction that finance professionals need to take in order to
provide wise counsel and powerful insights for the business.

Data Driven Approach Thumbnail
The Strategic CFO: A data driven approach (Webinar)

We partnered with CFO Magazine as part of an expert panel to examine the signs of poor financial strategy, and how a modern, data-driven approach
to strategic decision-making can make a world of difference to your business and bottom line.

The Strategic CFO Blogs

Working In Team On A HRIS System
Data-driven CFOs are the future

Finance professionals 'get' numbers. They know how to understand and validate data, control it and report on it. So it should come as no surprise that data and finance teams are connecting more than ever to drive business growth. Understanding trends, opportunities and risks all comes with the territory, and having the right financial management software can help.

Cfo 90 Day Checklist (1)
New CFO Checklist: 90-day plan

Starting a role as a new CFO can be a daunting task with a lot to get your head around. You’ll want to set the tone for your time in the role, take a strategic approach, and make a real impact within your first 90 days. So, where do you start? Learn more about your first three months as a new CFO, navigate your first quarter and make an impact on the business with our ‘CFO 90 Day Checklist’.

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How to become a successful CFO

In this article, we examine the common traits shared by successful CFOs and the key elements and skills that will add to CFO effectiveness.

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A quick guide to CFO software and tech trends to watch

But with so many options available, which solutions provide the most practical benefits? In this article, we summarise the software tools which are of most use to the modern CFO, as well as the latest technology trends to look out for.

Why Finance Directors Should Tak Tile
7 Essential Skills for a CFO or Finance Director

In this article, we look at the seven essential skills for a CFO and Finance Director to make a positive and lasting impact in your organisation and ensure success within the business. 

Motivate Team Rec Blog Tile
How to build a highly effective finance team: People, Processes and Platforms

A highly effective finance team drives the business’s strategy by providing management information and data to support the decisions underpinning business growth, financial success, and ultimately setting a clear business direction. 

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