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Build a happy, engaged and high-performing workforce where everyone is growing in the same direction with our easy-to-use Access Applause employee recognition platform. Happy people, healthy business.

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Impactful employee recognition, made simple

Access Applause employee recognition software makes it easy to recognise and engage employees. By giving ‘shouts’ to acknowledge a colleague’s effort or results, employees connect while aligning to your organisation’s values.

  • Use on any device
  • Connect your people around your values
  • Insightful metrics and reporting

Quick and fun employee-to-employee recognition

Our platform lets anyone give a ‘shout’ to co-workers to acknowledge a job well done or thank them for their efforts. Receiving them is an instant boost to morale.

  • Employees can give a ‘shout’ anytime, anywhere from their desktop or mobile app
  • Everyone can ‘like’ shouts in the interactive social feed to show support for colleagues and inspire a sense of belonging
  • ‘Shouts’ are based on recognising the right behaviours to amplify alignment with your organisation’s values and support your culture.
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Progressive HR software that is quick to implement, easy to use and makes a real difference.

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Give managers an easy way to reward effort.

Supercharge recognition of the right behaviours and reward employees who go the extra mile with flexible points-based rewards built in to the platform.

  • Managers can award points based on ‘shouts’ or at their discretion
  • Set meaningful rewards tailored to your diverse workforce
  • Switch ‘Reward’ on to supercharge recognition, or leave it off until your organisation is ready for it.
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Fast insight into engagement and culture

Monitor software adoption, spot top performers and track common behaviours via the interactive dashboard.

  • Track success metrics with at-a-glance dashboards
  • Quickly run reports on behaviour, performance and engagement
  • Easily filter activity by department or team, office location and behaviours linked to shouts
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Social recognition is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost employee engagement. Find resources to help you build a successful employee recognition program on our HR resources hub.

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Employee recognition software you can launch quickly and manage easily

Create a buzz around your launch, simplify roll out and maintain momentum with a ready-made programme of employee recognition tools and best practice guides.

  • Quick-start tools and guides to get you up and running fast
  • Complete 6-month project plan and toolkit to drive successful adoption
  • Hints, tips and inspiring ideas to help you embed the employee recognition programme to get fast, measurable results.
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What is an employee recognition platform and why do I need it?

Employee recognition software systems are tools used by businesses to standardise the way employees are recognised and rewarded within the organisation.

Employee recognition platforms allow organisations to deliver programs across the business that engage the entire workforce in an equitable way as well as track employee performance and engagement.

Recognising employees for their effort helps them feel valued by the organisation, improves morale and aids in employee retention as well as encouraging the right values across the organisation. This in turn boosts productivity and quality of work and creates a strong team mentality towards achieving company goals.

Find out how to build a culture of gratitude in your workplace with our employee recognition whitepaper.


Employee recognition delivered online through Access Workspace

Give your people the freedom to do more of what matters. Access Workspace delivers your employee recognition programme in the same place as your business applications so it’s always available and front of mind.

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