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Create a continuous learning culture with Access Learning – interconnected, interactive, always-on digital learning that engages employees and drives business performance.

Ranked global #1 LMS for Financial Services | Top 5 LMS overall

A world class learning management system

Access’ Learning Management System delivers a next-level digital learning experience that drives employee engagement and business performance through continuous development, and gives you full visibility of learning activities across your organisation.

  • Fast to deploy and set up
  • Delivering learning content any time, anywhere and on any device
  • Multi-media, at the “point of need” learning
  • Powerful reporting and analytics tools

Created by Unicorn Training, an Access company, whose LMS is ranked global #1 for Financial Services and in the top 5 overall, Access Learning helps thousands of businesses to take control of their corporate learning.

A learning management system that drives a continuous learning culture

Access Learning delivers a wealth of industry-leading training courses and enables a culture of continuous learning with content that is accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.

With the ability to assign, track and manage learning across the organisation, with unique gamification tools layered on top of a market-leading learning management system and content libraries covering all areas of health & safety, compliance and employee wellbeing.

Progressive HR software that is quick to implement, easy to use and makes a real difference.

eLearning courses from the experts

Delivered on our LMS or your third-party system, our eLearning courses have been developed by recognised experts to ensure you’re getting the best courses for your organisation.

Intuitive, user-friendly learning management system

Maximise engagement with the clear easy-to-navigate user interface that holds all your learning material in one central location. Quickly locate reports or find new learning with our slick, intuitively designed platform.

Access LMS offers ultimate flexibility for users and managers alike.

Powerful reporting tools

Generate reports across your entire organisation at the click of a button. See clear, real-time graphical reports on activity progress. Choose to filter reports by department, line manager or location.

Fully configurable to suit you, and presented in a way that is clear, intuitive and accessible.

Quickly highlight knowledge gaps or areas of non-compliance by using the integrated report generator to see how staff are performing against their training requirements, with the ability to drill down to an individual level to see where action is needed.

Engaged and high-performing employees

Our digital learning solutions deliver a next-level digital learning experience for your employees, designed to drive continuous engagement, talent development and performance, whilst safeguarding the organisation and its people

You’ll benefit from full visibility of learning requirements and activities within your organisation, while being able to deliver ‘knowledge at the point of need to support a highly engaged and high-performing workforce.

Launch and complete activities online, or download to access certain content offline.

Why you need a LMS and learning strategy 

Without an effective and engaging learning strategy, employee engagement and business performance are constrained by a lack of proactive learning and upskilling in all areas – from health & safety and compliance, to wellbeing and personal development.

Organisations with an effective approach to continuous learning benefit from:

  • Engaged employees, who feel valued and encouraged to fulfil their professional goals within your organisation
  • Greater organisation agility and long term workforce security through talent development

Discover resources

Discover resources covering the latest HR industry insights, best practice advice and tips that help HR and L&D professionals work better today and improve people and culture over the long term.

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See how you can create a continuous learning culture with Access LMS

Learning Management System (LMS) FAQs

What is an LMS and how is it used?

A learning management system (LMS) is a web-based technology that supports effective and continuous learning regardless of an organisation’s size. It allows an instructor to create and deliver content, understand, and monitor employee participation and performance.

What are the benefits of an online learning management system?

An online learning management system provides the ability to blend online and other learning solutions which facilitate and improve upon the traditional training methods, with the use of eLearning content, training calendars and surveys that work alongside in-person training.

Learning Management Systems can allow organisations to save money and time by allowing HR & L&D professionals to free up time away from large administrative tasks by displaying substantial amounts of information in user-friendly dashboards.