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Case study:
Access COINS Reduces Diona’s Payroll Processing Time by 65%

Access COINS has streamlined the payroll and timesheet processing of one of Australia’s most respected civil engineering companies, Diona, saving time and improving productivity.

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  • A manual timesheet data collection process that relied heavily on multiple spreadsheets was time consuming and prone to errors.


  • Implemented industry-specific time and attendance system TimeFiler to integrate with Access COINS Payroll. 


  • Reduced payroll processing time from 30 hours to 8 hours per week
  • Dropped the outstanding timesheet rate by 95 per cent
  • Automatic, real-time award interpretation

Business Growth a Catalyst to Improve Processes

Leading Australian civil construction contractor Diona experienced significant growth across the business, with employee numbers doubling, so the need to update and improve its payroll and timesheet data collection process was clear. 

While Diona was using Access COINS Payroll to effectively manage payroll processing, the company’s process to collect site timesheet data was not working efficiently and relied heavily on a multitude of Excel spreadsheets. 

A construction industry-specific time and attendance system was required to simplify and streamline Diona’s data collection process and integrate with its use of Access COINS Payroll, including an approval point for project managers. 

Streamlining Payroll Processes

Access COINS recommended implementing and integrating TimeFiler to overcome the challenges of Diona’s manual process.  

The TimeFiler solution provides Diona with a highly configurable online time management system, with a single point of data entry, aggregating different data capture points across the business, eliminating the need for multiple forms of data and spreadsheets. 

It also takes the headache out of complex, time-consuming calculations, with the software easily pre-configured to automatically determine individual employee pay entitlements, including award rates.  

 Alerts ensure users enter information correctly and payments are updated in real-time, reducing payroll queries and retrospective adjustments, allowing for major productivity gains. 

We could clearly see the system would provide accurate and efficient time management of timesheets, drive accuracy of award interpretation and as a cloud service, provide flexible access to payroll data across the business.

Carlos Gutierrez, Payroll Manager, Diona 

Saving Time and Creating Visibility Across the Business

Carlos Gutierrez, Diona's Payroll Manager, explains the challenges Diona was experiencing prior to implementing Access COINS TimeFiler. 

"We were spending days chasing missing timesheets, completing data entry to determine EBA based entitlements correctly and fixing data errors that were occurring due to the manual nature of our process. 

 “There was also a lack of visibility for project managers over the collected data and payroll costs prior to the data being approved and processed in Access COINS Payroll. 

 “It was obvious that TimeFiler was the best solution to meet our key business objectives,” Mr Gutierrez said. 

“We can see a substantial saving with timesheet uploads, which now occur within a matter of seconds thanks to the integration with COINS,” said Mr Gutierrez. 

 “I’m now able to perform my job as a Payroll Manager rather than spending all my time on data entry and chasing people for missing timesheets. 

 “The new timesheet approval process is also delivering other benefits across the business. Project managers now have upfront visibility on all payroll costs associated with their projects and an approval point for any related costs,” he said. 

One of Mr Gutierrez’s favoured features is the automated reminder function. 

“We can easily identify the missing information and send out automated reminders – before TimeFiler we wouldn’t even know a timesheet was late until a manual review of all received timesheets was done against the current list of employees,” he said. 

Return on Investment

“The investment in Access COINS TimeFiler is one hundred per cent worthwhile and has improved efficiencies across the business far beyond our expectation.  

“Looking at the cost of the saved time, the return on investment is clearly there. 

“We also couldn’t fault the Access COINS management of the implementation process. The team were pivotal to the success of the implementation, with excellent communication and a solution-focused approach, delivering on time and on budget,” Mr Gutierrez said.

An End-to-End Solution

In partnership, Access COINS and TimeFiler provide a configurable, cost-effective and total end-to-end time management and payroll solution.

TimeFiler includes flexible management of timesheets, rosters, leave requests and real-time interpretation of awards. Users can access their required information from any internet capable device including native applications for Apple and Android devices.

As specialist providers for the construction industry, Access COINS and TimeFiler provides a flexible, scalable, and configurable solution to improve payroll efficiency. 

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