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Access HandiTax Cloud Product Updates

Please find below the latest updates to Access HandiTax Cloud which you can find in-product.

Access HandiTax Cloud Updates

HandiTax Cloud V2023.5

Released August 2023


  • Custom Worksheet - Added functionality to create custom Worksheet Copy. User choice to be applied to:
    • Indvidual Tax Returns (IITR) all years
    • Partnership (PTR), Trust (TRT), Company (CTR) and Self-Managed Super fund (SMSF) - all years.
  • Defined Search options – Added separated search criteria on the main listing screen:
    • Search All
    • Search by TFN
    • Search by Name
    • Search by Client Ref
    • Search by ABN
    • Search by Phone number.
  • Status Changed field – introduced into the Tax Form Details view which tracks the last date when a tax return Status is changed. Additionally available as:
    • Main client list screen column picker.
    • Return Report Builder column picker.
  • Rental Schedule & Foreign Property Worksheet - Rental expense descriptions can be manually entered.
  • Updated the ATO validation rules to allow Small Business Boost tax returns to be lodged.

Minor Defects

  • Resolved the issue where the Practice subscription had expired but still allowed Users to access but could not use the application correctly.
  • Updated non individual organisation name to allow square bracket and grave accent symbols. As per ATO criteria.
  • Addressed the issue where Occupation and Industry code wasn’t synching with Access Practice Management.
  • Address an issue when Private Client tax returns were opened via Access Practice Management by another user, it would display and error. ‘Failed to Open Tax Return’. A more informative message will be displayed.


  • Continuous Security updates applied.
Handitax Cloud V2023.4

Released June 2023

What changes are in this release?

  • New logo introduced within the main view called ‘access Tax’.
  • Added new functionality for lodging tax returns where multiple practices are attached.
  • Added a search field within ‘Switch Practice’ which dynamically filters available practices based upon your text search.
  • Access HandiTax Cloud is registered with the ATO for Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS) for the following forms with the addition of the relevant 2023 TaxTime versions: -
    • IITR - Individual
    • CTR - Company
    • PTR - Partnership
    • TRT - Trust
    • SMSFAR - Self managed superfund
    • Loss Carry Back Amendment schedule for Company Tax Return
    • FTER - Family Trust Election or Revocation
    • IEE - Interposed Entity Election
    • AS - Activity Statements
    • CGNFT - Consolidated Group Notification of Formation and Member Entry/Exit
    • CUREL - Client Update Relationship Add/Delete
    • CURNN - Client Update - Return Not Necessary
    • MAT - Manage Agent Trust
    • ITCRPT - Income Tax Client Report
    • ASLRPT - Activity Statement Lodgment Report
    • ASCRPT - Activity Statement Client Report
    • EFTRS - Electronic Fund Transfer Reconciliation Report
    • MRPTS - Subscribe EFTRS
  • Access HandiTax Cloud is registered with the ATO for paper lodgment of the 2023 major forms.
  • All forms, schedules and declarations updated to: -
    • SBR Specifications Individual Income Tax Return (IITR) 2023 Package V1.0
    • SBR Specifications Non-Individual Income Tax Return (NITR) 2023 Package V1.0

Useful Links 2023

What’s New this year
Tax Time 2023
Forms and Instructions
Tax Time publications online now
ATO system maintenance information

The ATO SBR2 PLS gateway opens on June 21st and the ATO have advised whitelisting and registration to lodge 2023 forms using access HandiTax Cloud will occur thereafter.
The F1 help and links to included ATO instructions have been updated.

Note - Not all ATO instructions were available at the time of release.

  • There have been changes to certain Country Names by the ATO and therefore this may present as an error in the tax return.
  • That ATO have updated or removed certain Occupational codes and upon rollover into the 2023 tax return it may appear as an error.

Minor Defects

  • Resolved the issue where business worksheet information was not transferring to main form.
  • Addressed some issues where Status was Lodged but not received by ATO.
  • Resolved the issue where capital gain not calculated correctly from managed funds in the 2020 IITR.
  • Resolved some issues where the TFN was not get ‘blanked’ out in some worksheets.
  • Resolved the issue where the validation rule INCDTLS00038 could not be cleared.


  • Continuous Security updates applied.


Handitax Cloud V2023.3

Released April 2023


  • Individual Income Tax Prefill
    • ATO Prefill Data will no longer have the coloured wording. Instead, it will be identified by a ‘P’.
    • The option to prefill directly into the Work Related Expenses worksheet has been added.
    • Prefill report has been redesigned to show all data that has been received from ATO prefill function, not just what has prefilled.

Please Note: Blank identifiers function will not affect this report.

  • Added functionality to allow Return Report Builder to generate the Report across multiple attached Practices.
  • Added the BSB and Account number to the Electronic Funds Transfer Consent section of the Declaration.
  • Introduced Move Up and Move Down buttons on the Status setup screen to assist with creating custom tax form statuses.

Minor Defects

  • Resolved the issue in Report Builder where the Staff user assigned to clients were not displayed.
  • Resolved the issue in Report Builder when exporting the Report to XLS the values were not showing as negative values where applicable.


  • Continuous security updates applied
Handitax Cloud V2023.2

Released March 2023


  • Added Fringe Benefit Tax Return (FBT) 2023
  • Bulk rollover no longer allows client selection for rolling over the tax returns. Options will now be to rollover all the forms depending on the form selection.
  • Added the functionality to export the Lodgment Summary Report to PDF.
  • Updated the Taxable Income thresholds for the Return Report Builder expression filter.
  • PleaseSign - E-Signature export option will now check if the User has a PleaseSign account and send the documents to the Users PleaseSign login account.
  • Moving clients from one attached Practice to another no longer relies on switching to the parent practice.

Minor Defects

  • Resolved the issue of the ATI calculation for the 2019 IITR.
  • Resolved the issue where some of the tax return Statuses were not displayed in the Return Report Builder screen.
  • Resolved the issue where some of the data was not transferring from Final Accounts.
  • Resolved the issue where the Lodgment date was displaying the previous date when lodged before a certain time.
  • Resolved the issue with Item 12 Employee Share Scheme was not calculating correctly.
  • Reverted the Sort order on the main screen.
  • Addressed the issue where the Audit Log report was not able to be generated.
  • Resolved the Audit Log Report where the scroll bar was not visible on the Users screen.


  • Continuous security updates applied.
Handitax Cloud V2023.1.2

Released 16th February 2023

Addresses some general performance optimisation processes.

Handitax Cloud V2023.1.1

Released February 6th 2023


  • Updated the process when changing the status of the return to 'Ready to Lodge' to recognise values that are automatically transferred from linked locations.

  • Addresses some general performance optimisation processes.
Handitax Cloud V2023.1

Released February 2023


  • My Profile screen. 
    • Added Autofill Declaration Date option. When selected this will populate the Tax Agent Declaration Date with that day’s date. Only when this field is blank. 
    • Added Bank Details for Blank Identifiers options. 
  • PleaseSign - E-Signature export option now has the option to send the Tax Return copies directly to the recipient or to the PleaseSign account as a draft for further review.

  • Permissions – Partner, Manager and Staff Roles have been created and separated from the permissions Group. This will allow you to choose any permission group you decide whilst also being able to allocate any Role to the staff member (for selection on the Client Record for Partner / Manager / Staff.)

  • Edit Tax Form Detail screen – Postal address on this screen will override the contact priority, ONLY when Fee from Refund option has been checked.

  • Removed the ‘rounding’ amounts from the CGT summary listing.

  • Return Report Builder – Updated the Taxable Income column field to show Negative or Positive amounts with brackets as visual clues.

  • Return Report Builder – Updated the Tax Estimate column field to show Refund or Payable amounts with brackets as visual clues.

  • The functionality where previous data changes from prior year would automatically populate the current year tax return, e.g., Change of address or change of name has been removed. This must be completed manually where applicable. 


Minor Defects 

  • Resolved the issue where there were multiple attached Practices and the Status filter on the main screen was appearing as duplicated. 
  • Resolved the issue where some clients were getting; HandiTax Cloud Error: "String reference not set to an instance of a String. Parameter name: s" error when opening ATO Reports > Income Tax Clients page. 
  • Resolved the issue where some validation errors were not displayed at the front end but getting rejected by the ATO. 
  • Resolved an error when adding more than 3 new users consecutively. 
  • Resolved an issue whereby transferred data from HandiLedger may not have saved into the tax return.


  • Continuous security updates applied.

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