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Payroll training that helps you get the most out of Access MicrOpay and Access WageEasy. We provide classroom training, online training, workshops, seminars and web classes that cater to a wide range of learning requirements.

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Payroll training that helps you get the most out of Access MicrOpay and Access WageEasy

We recognise that every business is unique in size, industry and focus and this makes a big difference to how you use your payroll software solution. We are dedicated to helping you implement business processes that increase your business efficiency and productivity by getting the best from your Access payroll solution.

Our Consultants have extensive industry experience in payroll systems and HR management solutions and provide in-depth advice on how to implement changes and identify suitable reporting options to meet your business requirements. During every consulting session, we focus on what you want to achieve before guiding you through the processes necessary to meet your goals.


Payroll Expertise

Extensive industry experience in payroll systems.


Compliance Events

Our consultation and training are tailored to your needs to help you feel confident using your payroll software.

Online Access MicrOpay Courses

Improve your confidence and efficiency with Access MicrOpay software through our comprehensive suite of training courses.
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Access MicrOpay Processing Virtual Led Training:
Access MicrOpay: Day 1
Access MicrOpay: Day 2

Access MicrOpay: General Ledger Module
Access MicrOpay: Report Writer Module
Access MicrOpay: IQ Reports
Access MicrOpay: Leave
Access MicrOpay: Superannuation
Access MicrOpay: Terminations
Access MicrOpay: Costing in Detail

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Online Access WageEasy Courses

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Access WageEasy: Getting Started
Access WageEasy: Payroll Processing

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