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Game-based learning

Access Gamebrain, our game-based learning app, helps your employees learn through a fun and competitive mobile app. Gamebrain lets you easily create informative bite-sized quizzes that will drive awareness of key facts.

Gamification meets microlearning with Gamebrain

Focus your people on the facts and figures they need via bite-sized quizzes. The gamified approach drives engagement and participation with friendly competition.

  • Mobile app – play anywhere, anytime and as often as you like
  • Easy-to-create games
  • Detailed reporting on usage
  • Administration platform fully integrates with Access LMS

Make facts memorable 

Gamebrain lets you quickly create informative and competitive bite-sized quizzes (called Gamebrains) on the key topics you want to drive awareness towards.

You can control and launch campaigns to teach new subjects or complement existing material, adding a gamified learning layer, to enhance your traditional content.

Fun, incentivised game-based learning

Employees can take on their colleagues with personalised avatars which they can further customise with accessories they can win as prizes. The gamified approach drives emotional engagement, encourages participation with friendly competition and helps to embed knowledge into long-term memory.

  • Clear goals
  • Instant feedback
  • Game-show style with humorous ‘winners’ podium
  • Short, frequent sessions

Learn on the go

Also known as learning in the flow of work, the Gamebrain gamification app can be used anywhere, anytime – on the train, in-between meetings or waiting for a coffee.

  • Play anytime and as often as you want
  • Publish new content to your staff’s mobile devices instantly
  • Let staff “level up” their learning, as in social game play

Easily create and publish game-based learning content

Gamebrain includes powerful but easy-to-use tools to create and deploy an unlimited number of Gamebrains.

Launch game-based learning campaigns to teach new subjects or complement existing material, adding a gamified layer to enhance your traditional learning content

  • Invite and manage content administrators
  • Distribute Gamebrains to specific people or allow self-service sign up
  • Add external links to additional information after a Gamebrain
  • Detailed reporting on usage

Discover resources

Discover resources covering the latest HR industry insights, best practice advice and tips that help HR and L&D professionals work better today and improve people and culture over the long term.

See how Access Gamebrain game-based learning levels up your employees’ learning.

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