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Access WageEasy Product Updates

Please find below the latest updates to Access WageEasy. You can also find full release notes and download links.

Access WageEasy updates

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For detailed steps on how to upgrade WageEasy, refer to the Knowledgebase.




Access WageEasy Release v8.0.4.8669

Release Date 27 May 2024

What’s in this Release?

STP Phase 2

  • Termination redundancy Lump Sum D STP reporting correction
  • ETP duplication in STP2 reporting header correction
  • Setting for STP2 reporting group – Cashed out Leave to exclude from period overtime

Additional items

  • NEW Access Digital Assistant chat bot
  • Payroll Online database backup location change
  • Updated MCS version with security enhancement
Access WageEasy Release v8.0.2.8649

Release Date 4 December 2023

What’s in this Release?

STP Phase 2

  • Speed improvements in STP2 reporting
  • STP2 Update loading progress bar
  • Leave entry option for Cashed Out leave to set to Exclude from Period Overtime
  • Addition of STP Reporting Groups at Planned Leave entry

Superannuation Guarantee for Under 18 year olds working 30 hours weekly, now includes,

  • Leave
  • Makeup Pay
  • Termination Notice
Access WageEasy Release v8.0.1.8632

Release Date 4 September 2023

What’s in this Release?

STP Phase 2

  • Correction to overstated PAYGW Tax amounts for terminated employees with ETP Tax paid.
  • Correction to STP2 reporting for Salary Sacrifice deduction contributions.
  • Reinstating of Allowance amount override at Employee level.
  • Variable Income Type STP2 reporting update.
  • Validation of Employee Address Country – removing capitalisation.
  • Update for STP2 reporting to ensure correct rounding to 2 decimal places only.
Access WageEasy Release v8.0.0.8621

Release Date 14 August 2023

What’s in this Release?

STP Phase 2

  • The STP2 Setup Wizard
    The STP 2 Setup Wizard helps you to identify and update records that require additional setup for STP2 reporting.
  • Changes to the following records, to add new fields for STP2, re-organise the layout and/or remove redundant fields:
    • Award Payments
    • Allowances and Deductions
    • Leave Types
    • Employee Details
    • Income Type
    • Tax Treatment
    • Working Holiday Maker Country
    • Cessation Reason (Terminated employees) YTD Summaries (previously ATO Summaries)

Many of the new fields in these records can be updated using the STP2 Setup Wizard.

  • Leave Type Reporting Groups are now mandatory when processing leave in a payslip
  • A new option in Company Details, to identify registered employers of Working Holiday Makers (WHM)
  • Details for user defined Tax Table setup for Seasonal Workers, ATO Defined (Downwards Variation) and Working Holiday Maker Non-Residents

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