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Document manager

An integrated HandiSoft module

Manage your electronic documents easily to boost efficiency and accuracy.

A powerful integrated document management system

HandiSoft Document Manager is practice management software that makes your accounting practice document filing and retrieval more efficient. By linking documents to client records and including powerful search tools, Document Manager makes it easy to find any electronic document within seconds. Respond to enquiries quickly and accurately with instant access to all correspondence.

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Integrates seamlessly with your HandiSoft central client database.

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Secure access

Security controls allow restrictions to protect sensitive files.

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Manage document changes

Maintains a record of who made changes and when for version control.

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Easy to use

Easy-to-use bulk email facility to communicate with selected clients quickly.

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Retrieve documents

Easily retrieve documents with powerful search metadata (keyword properties/attributes e.g. date, author, client, and document type).

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Mail merge

Enhanced mail merging includes data from multiple HandiSoft modules.

Document manager key features

Efficient document manager

Automatically file scanned documents to the relevant client’s folder based on the ABN, TFN or client reference code. Tight integration with MS Office allows users to save documents from Word, Excel and Outlook to specified folder. 

*MS Outlook feature is available with V2 of HandiSoft Online.

PDF collating feature

Combine multiple HandiSoft reports in a single PDF to attach to emails.

Version control

Assign documents for editing, track changes and restrict permanent deletion to authorised team members.

Powerful data resource

A powerful data resource at your fingertips

Based on the central HandiSoft database, Document Manager creates a virtual drawer for each of your clients and prospective clients. Instantly access all documents relating to a particular client as well as your firm’s standard letters, procedures and checklists.

Client Portal (optional add-on)

Seamlessly integrated with Document Manager to enable you to securely share, exchange and digitally approve client flies online.

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