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Access Ledger updates

(In October 2023 Access Final Accounts was renamed Access Ledger.)

Please find below information on the latest updates for Access Ledger. You can also download full release notes.

Access Ledger updates

In October 2023 Final Accounts was renamed Access Ledger.

Release Update 2024.01

Version 2024.01 released Mar 2024

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Livestock Functionality
    • Livestock entity flag added to Entity screen for enabling livestock functionalities.
    • Configure livestock accounts directly in trading account screen.
    • Introduction of livestock tab in datasets for managing livestock calculation with average cost and market value methods.
    • Automated livestock journal posting based on balanced livestock quantity and closing stock values.
    • Average cost summary displayed in profit and loss reports by livestock categories.
  • Introduced new Chart of Accounts master template based on the APS chart.
  • Introduced Full Trial Balance option for ZAP Data hub import function.
  • Implemented usability improvements for Access Bank Feed Module.
Release Update 2023.06

Version 2023.06 released Dec 2023

Key Features and enhancements

  • Introduced tax summary and tax detail reports for the Accountant’s Chart dataset.
  • Enabled the configuration of multiple distribution accounts in the distribution screen.
  • Introduced the ‘adjustment’ display type in the Trial Balance and Ledger screen, includes all adjustment journals created in Access Ledger. This allows the accountant to generate a list of their journals to adjust the client SME ledger to agree to the accountants period end balances.
  • Access Documents integration has been deployed in preparation for general availability soon.

Access Documents and Access Document Portal will be available as an add-on subscription. Users of Access Ledger will have the ability to save financial reports directly into Access Documents.

Stay tuned for more information on Access Documents and Document Portal soon

Release Update 2023.05

Version 2023.05 released Nov 2023

The update will include deployment of Access Bank Feeds, the latest add-on module for Access Ledger to commence an early release program with general availability planned later. Access Bank Feeds will empower users to effortlessly connect and import bank transactions from AU/NZ financial institutes for seamless reporting.

Other improvements

  • Further updates related to Access Ledger rebranding
Release Update 2023.04

Version 2023.04 released October 2023

Key Features and enhancements

  • Final Accounts is now rebranded to Access Ledger.
  • Chart of Accounts and GST Journals
    • Introduced the ability to activate Chart of Accounts master template based on the HandiLedger chart with ability to update the accounts and tax codes.
    • Introduced “Accountant’s Chart” source at file level mirrors the Chart of Accounts from the practice master template which also includes GST rates to allow GST to be processed on Journals.
    • The GST Journal is enabled when the dataset has “Accountant’s Chart” source, and the entity is “registered for GST” (new field).
  • Introduced comparative view for the Trial Balance screen under Dataset.

Minor Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved the connectivity and performance for Access Bank Feeds module.
  • Allowed user to resend invitation for an active user.
  • Added the option to select all accounts for the account option in balance screen under
  • Resolved the issue using arrow key when editing the notes.
Release Update 2023.03

Version 2023.03 released July 2023

Key Features and enhancements

  • Introduced the ability to manage the account header structure at the tenant level.
  • Added the Source Account page to manage source accounts at the file level, including adding new source accounts and deleting unused ones.
  • Included an option to designate an 'Opening Balance Account' in the header for opening balance roll forward.
  • Introduced the 'HandiLedger Matching Rule Set' that matches HandiLedger Account Ranges.
  • Added a new matching rule mode for searching between account ranges.


  • Updated Disclosure Note (Inventory) to include Non-Current Inventory Header
  • Updated Car Cost Limits for 2021-2022/2022-2023

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Improved the user flow when Data Hub Source is disconnected.
  • Enhanced the user interface of the Accounts Page for an improved user experience.
  • Enhanced the responsible person mapping logic for HandiLedger


  • Resolved the issue with Asset Import when HandiLedger Report has more than two title lines.
  • Resolved the issue with Depreciation report getting cut off in PDF.
  • Fixed the duplicated account error when using Data Hub import.
  • Fixed the report date issue in Director’s/Committee’s report when using PleaseSign.
Release Update 2023.02

Version 2023.02 released March 2023

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Introduced swinging accounts logic to specific account headers, allowing child accounts to be presented in alternative headers for financial reports, disclosure notes, and tax forms depending on a debit or credit closing balance. (See details in downloaded version)
  • Enhanced PleaseSign integration, enabling users to send signature requests directly to recipients, and automatically saving requested document to the requestor's personal folder in PleaseSign.
  • Added the ability for users to duplicate existing page templates in the Admin Center using the ‘save as‘ function.
  • Added running balance to the general ledger reports.

Compliance Updates

  • Accounting policy updates for simplified disclosures (AASB 1060) – what’s changed? Default policy disclosures for following account headers.
    • Trade and Other Payables
    • Borrowings
    • Other Assets
    • Other Liabilities
    • Asset Held for Sale
    • Government Grants
    • Other Financial Assets

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Updated tax form labels for Partnership Tax Form.
  • Resolved the overlapping numbers in the Trial Balance report page (PDF format).
  • Resolved the division duplication in HandiLedger Migration function.
Release Update 2023.01

Version 2023.01 released January 2023

Key features and improvements

  • Introduced a Trial Balance Report with the ability to show comparative balances for multiple
  • Infrastructure and security updates

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Added an option to add Pool Summary table to the Asset Pooling Report
  • When importing Xero accounts from Data Hub, account name no longer includes the account
  • Resolved the number formatting issue in the director report for the profit figure
  • Resolved time zone issues for date/time fields
Release Update 2022.04

Version 2022.04 released November 2022

Key features and improvements

  • The Assets Import Template available for download in the application has been updated as

    • It now includes the Pool method for Pooled assets when importing from HandiLedger. The export report in HandiLedger can be found in this location; Reports>Depreciation Report>Assets Report

    • The import template now supports HandiAsset. The export report in HandiAsset can be found in this location; Reports>Depreciation>Depreciation Report Landscape

    • The import template now also supports the following additional software: APS, MAS and Xero.

  • We have added a new Trustee Type option for Discretionary Trust and Unit Trust entities, these

    • Corporate Trustee or
    • Individual

Compliance updates

  • Accounting policy updates for simplified disclosures (AASB 1060)

    • General Information
    • Critical Accounting Judgements and key source of estimation
    • Basis of Consolidation
    • Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures
    • Interests in Joint Operations
    • Foreign Currencies
    • Non-current Assets Held for Sale
    • Leases
    • Borrowing Costs
    • Government Grants
    • Income Tax
    • Impairment of Assets
    • Fair Value Measurements
    • Own Shares
    • Share-based Payment

  • Wording for the independent auditor reports for a reporting entity has been updated

Minor improvements and fixes

  • The Trust and Partnership tax form calculation logic for the ‘Other business income’ tax label has been updated.

  • Asset disposal value can now be revised to 0.

  • Minor improvement to the custom table function in reports.

  • Resolved the reporting error in statement of changes in equity report (AASB).

  • Profit and loss figures are now displayed in customised director reports.

  • Trial balance/Ledger screens now default to account view for the account type.

  • Fixed an issue that duplicated the depreciation records when recreating the asset year.

  • Resolved the account selection issue for the customised financial table.
Release Update 2022.03

Version 2022.03 released August 2022

Key features and improvements

  • Simplified Disclosures (AASB 1060) Updates:
    • New Report Master: General Purpose Financial Report – Simplified Disclosures
    • New: Custom Table Builder for bespoke numeric notes
    • “Reporting Entity” check-box introduced on the Entity Details screen to auto include
      wording in the financial statements for a reporting entity
    • If consolidated financial statements are produced, entity will be referred to as “Group” in the financial statements

Compliance updates

  • Simplified Disclosures (AASB 1060) Updates:
    • Updates to Primary statements:
      • Statement of Profit or Loss
        • Update to name and layout
        • New Layout options (Standard or EBITDA Analysis)
      • Statement of Financial Position
      • New: Statement of Changes in Equity
      • New: Statement of Cash Flows (auto and manual options)

  • Updated wording for the Client Declaration (Corporations Act 2001)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Ability to reorder items in the report masters with the default report remaining at the top of the list
  • Introduced the ability to customise Report Styles for MS Word
  • Minor updates to HandiTax Cloud Tax Transfer logic
  • Update to warning logic related to signatory dates
Release Update 2022.02.01

Version 2022.02.01 released June 2022

Change to Website address

As part of our rebranding exercise, the web address for Final Accounts has changed to We advise that you please save this new web address to your favourites and use from now on. The old address ( will remain active for a short period of time and will redirect to the new address.

Change to Excel Add-in

If you use the Access Final Accounts Excel Add-in, you will be required to download a new version of the Add-in from the App Source Store. You can do this here or via the Excel App under Insert > Add-ins and search for the app in the store. This is because the version you are using now will no longer work from 15th June.

Here is a link to a Microsoft Article to remove the current add-in. We highly recommend you remove this as it will not be supported from now on.

Release Update 2022.02

Version 2022.02 released May 2022

Key features and improvements

  • Logic improvements when Client Practice is changed in another integrated app
  • Refresh of the colour pallet and UI to reflect The Access Group branding
  • Introduced the ability to export a set of accounts to MS Word

Compliance updates

  • New accounts introduced to facilitate AASB 1060 disclosures
  • Updated wording logic for profit/loss in the Appropriation Statement

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Ability to edit the name of a saved document from the Documents tab
  • Removed the ability to have more than one default partner
  • I form Tax Transfer: Other sales and goods services are included in the other business income tax label (PP & NPP)
  • Optimised entity creation logic in Client Sync process
  • Amendments to the date picker
  • Trading accounts: Error fixed when using "Separate Trading Account" tick box
Release Update 2022.01

Version 2022.01 released February 2021

Key features and improvements

  • Ability to prefill a Trust & Partnership Tax Return in HandiTax Cloud using the Tax Transfer function
  • Improved E-signature logic to pre-fill signatory’s details based on report pages (also includes new SMSF auditor as signatory)

Compliance updates

  • New report: Independent Auditor’s Report for SMSF (Latest ATO version)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Rebranding
    • Updated link for knowledge base article
    • Updated joining emails for admin and normal user
  • Deleted practices are no longer displayed under the practice dropdown
  • Display an E-Signature error if Responsible Person details aren’t complete
  • Added SMSF auditor details section in practice details screen
  • Introduced date picker for signing date & appointed date fields in responsible person section
  • Document Saving function
    • Prompt for users to save a document if users have made changes and try to exit
    • Save button has been made inactive if the accounts have been sent for E-Signature
Release Update 2021.04.01

Version 2021.04.01 released Dec 2021

Feature Updates

  • Data Hub import function is now available for QBO data connectors in Data Hub

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Resolved the access issue when original admin is signing up multiple cloud products under different tabs within same browser.
  • The user is now able to access Admin Center when the role is changed from ‘user’ to ‘admin’
    • For existing issue, the user role needs to be updated to ‘user’ then to ‘admin’ again by another admin
Release Update 2021.04

Version 2021.04 Released 26 November 2021

Key features and improvements

  • Ability to import monthly/quarterly/yearly net movement journals from Data Hub for bookkeeping data connectors.
  • Ability to "Save" a document within reports tab.
    o New "Save" button on the generate report screen.
    o Document is auto saved when it is sent for E-sign.
    o Document is locked for editing when it has been sent for E-sign.
  • Rebranded application to “Access Final Accounts”.

Compliance updates

  • New report: Independent Auditor’s Report for Associations.
  • New report: Certificate by Members of the Committee for Associations.
  • New report: Committees Report for Associations.

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Launch of rebranded Excel-Add-in (Excel data import function).
  • Added “Release Notes” to the top right menu.
  • Introduced warning message if you exceed license count.
  • HandiLedger Migration tool now allows for depreciation journals with blank entries.
  • Added Auditors email address field in the auditor’s section of Practice Settings.
  • Fixed the current earning calculation in balance sheet for trading accounts.
Release Update 2021.03.01

Version 2021.03.01 released 6 November 2021.

To take full advantage of updates to the Client Sync process across HandiSoft and our cloud products, you must install HandiSoft Desktop V2.00 when it’s released on Tuesday 9th November.

  • Final Accounts now checks for duplicate ABN numbers and prevents users from creating duplicates.
  • The ABN field is now synchronised across integrated applications.
  • Added ABN division field on the entity details screen.
  • Improved entity address handling.
    - Removed 3rd address line field
    - Address details are now in line with other integrated applications.
Release Update 2021.03

Version 2021.03 released Oct 2021

Key features

  • Ability to send a set of accounts to a client for signature using PleaseSign (a third party eSignature application) 
  • Ability to prefill a Sole Trader Tax Return in HandiTax Cloud using the Tax Transfer function
  • Ability to import multiple years for a single entity using the HandiLedger Migration tool 
  • Improved the Client Sync experience with In-app revoke and reconnect options

Compliance updates

  • New report: Independent Auditor’s report for Companies
  • New report: Auditor’s Independence Declaration for Companies
  • New report: Directors Report for Companies
  • Accounting Policies updates for SPFR and simple reporting suite

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Added an Auditor details section in Practice Settings to populate the auditor’s report and independence declarations
  • Added a Video Guides menu option under Knowledge Base Articles
  • C Form tag mapping now includes Dividends
  • The Client Group Name has been extended to 50 characters
  • The ACN is now visible for associations and unspecified entity types 
  • There are now no restrictions on the amount of times you can import a HandiLedger ZIP file  
Release Update 2021.02.01

Version 2021.02.01 released August 2021

  • Resolved an issue that non-admin users are not able to select partner/manager and complete the new entity setup process.
  • Resolved an issue that standard reporting variables with practice information are not displayed correctly in the reports.
  • Resolved an issue that default flag disappears in practice users setting.
  • Updated welcome email received by the new user during onboarding process.
  • Minor UI updates to ensure terminology is consistent across Final Accounts.
Release Update 2021.02

Version 2021.02 released 19 May 2021

  • Resolved an issue when using the Import Desktop HandiLedger File function, where entities with sub-accounts in the Revenue or Expenses account range were not imported.

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