Software implementation services

Our implementation services ensure you realise the full value of your software investment via a straightforward and streamlined approach – called FlightPaths – that ensures you are always supported yet remain in full control.

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Together we’ll land this implementation

Using our years of software deployment expertise, we have designed the FlightPath methodology to deliver value from your investment as quickly and as fully as possible. Each FlightPath follows a well-defined journey with key milestones to track and communicate progress towards a successful launch.

The FlightPath approach clarifies our joint expectations, helping us both understand the process that we will jointly commit to, in order to successfully launch your chosen software to your end-users in a timely and efficient manner.

And while it is ultimately your journey, we are here to support you the entire way.

Seamless implementation, delivered 100% remotely

Our FlightPath programs have been designed to be remote-first, providing you with an improved low-risk implementation journey, no matter how your organisation is structured or where your employees are located.

As well as being product certified, all our FlightPath consultants are certified in our remote-first software implementation methodology, including training in effectively delivering remote customer projects.

  • Regular scheduled video communication to keep the implementation on track
  • Software delivered flexibly to suit the needs of your organisation and employees
  • Online e-learning so users can learn at their own pace

Clarity and certainty for your software implementation

Because each Access product delivers different functionality, each has a its own detailed FlightPath. However, all follow our proven methodology with clearly defined timelines, expectations and – importantly – exactly what is included and at what price.

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Additional software implementation services

On top of the services included within the standard FlightPath programs, our consulting teams can provide additional implementation services where you don’t have the time or resource to complete your elements of the implementation project or you require support beyond the standard FlightPath.

Naturally, the type of additional services depends on the software solution being implemented, but all are carried out by certified experts and with an agreed cost and scope so you always know what to expect and where you stand.

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Additional software training services

Each FlightPath program includes core training to ensure your staff are confident to use the software solution from day one. Depending on the Access solution being implemented, this typically includes dedicated private webinars conducted by certified trainers and recorded webinars and knowledge articles.

Beyond these inclusions, our consulting team can provide additional training services should you wish to increase any training already included in your implementation.

And once your software implementation is completed, your Customer Success Plan provides access to support a wealth of written and recorded information in our knowledge base to answer questions.

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