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Client-centric practice management

Designed for accountants and powered by Salesforce - the #1 CRM platform.

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Enhance practice workflows and client experience

Accountant Cloud provides a client-centric practice management platform, helping you provide better client engagement, manage jobs, track time and optimise practice resources to maximise current and future opportunities. Integrated with HandiSoft, it facilitates client and team collaboration, workflow automation and functional extensibility through the Salesforce AppExchange and codeless configuration.


Build closer client relationships

Communicate and collaborate with clients and offer an enriched client experience. Connect your team with clients from anywhere.


Centralised client management

Access all client information in the one place allowing you to connect with clients like never before.


Manage jobs and track time

Create Jobs with predefined activities and automatically track time.


Create visual reports

Faster decision making, empowered insights and enhanced client service, made possible with meaningful data.


Simplify and automate your practice processes

Save time with smart automation. Configure your practice workflow to suit the way you work.


Application integration

Integrated centralised client list sync across multiple applications.

Explore Access Accountant Cloud

Home page dashboard

Centralised client list

Client management

Job management


Client community and portal

Home page dashboard

accountant cloud dashboard

Accountant Cloud comes with pre-configured dashboard which includes several widgets giving you quick access to important practice information including outstanding tasks and jobs by employee, and important client and practice information.

Centralised client list

client list

The powerful client list sync capability provided by Accountant Cloud allows you to sync your client records with other applications such as HandiSoft (desktop), HandiTax Cloud and Final Accounts.

In addition, merge multiple HandiSoft databases into a single client list.

Client management

client management dashboard

Track all client activities across your practice to ensure you always have the most up to date information for meaningful conversations with clients.

Job management

job management

Track jobs to completion in record time with automated workflows that ensure each task is allocated and commenced on time with auto population of timesheets.

Monitor all job activity by job, job tasks, employee or manager.


Accountant Cloud Integration

Accountant Cloud offers a number of out of the box integrations such as HandiSoft (desktop), HandiTax Cloud, Final Accounts and BGL.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Accountant Cloud allows you to address any practice challenge through access to an open ecosystem with over 3,000 business apps via the Salesforce AppExchange.

Client community and portal

client community screenshots

Create a practice branded client community and client portal* and deliver a superior client experience.

The community add-on for Accountant Cloud allows you to collaborate and communicate with clients in a seamless way – whether you want to share documents and news updates, allow them to book appointments or get them to sign documents electronically.

*Requires HandiSoft Client Portal

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Built on the world's #1 customer relationship platform

Built on Salesforce, Accountant Cloud gives you a complete client-centric platform to transform your client relationships and practice operations.
Access thousands of applications and tools through Salesforce AppExchange.

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Accountant Cloud improves the efficiency of your practice

LBH Accountants

"We no longer need to print out job schedules and we can quickly see the progress of jobs within the solution. If a client calls asking for an update on their tax return, all the information is at our fingertips."


Leanne Boulger, Practice Manager

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