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Tewantin-Noosa RSL

Combining leading POS, rostering, time and attendance, payroll and accounting systems streamlines operations for a major licensed club.

  • Easy integration with leading software systems for POS, rostering and time and attendance
  • Simplified reconciliation of payments from the POS terminals
  • Comprehensive financial reporting with enhanced audit process
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Attaché providing the key to a complete business solution

Like many long-established licensed clubs, Tewantin-Noosa RSL faced the challenge of replacing an ageing business software that no longer met their needs. The system was unable to integrate with third-party rostering systems, reconciling cash registers was time consuming and the POS features were not user friendly. To move the business forward, Attaché accounting and payroll was selected to provide the foundation of a new integrated solution.

Administration Manager Julie Plant cited Attaché’s ability to easily integrate with leading software systems for POS, rostering and time and attendance as crucial, allowing the club to take advantage of each system’s best features.

“It was the power and flexibility of Attaché to connect Idealpos and TimeTarget that made the whole solution possible and work so well.”

Attaché also provides the advanced reporting needed in an industry that has regular and stringent auditing.

“The reporting is amazing,” says Julie.

Easy integration

Integrating Attaché and TimeTarget has provided significant improvements to Tewantin-Noosa RSL’s payroll – processing time has halved and admin staff can roster efficiently, confident they are within budget.

“TimeTarget has improved our rostering as now we get actual costings while we are rostering,” says Julie. “We can compare to our budget to make sure we are working within it.”

Furthermore, Attaché’s automated document delivery service that sends payroll documents to employees has significantly reduced the number of employee enquiries, taking pressure off the payroll officers and improving overall payroll management.

Custom solution to address process issues

Reconciliation of payments from the POS terminals had been a time-consuming and often complicated task for admin staff. To address this issue the club’s local Attaché consultant, ProSys Consulting, developed a solution to simplify the process.

The solution takes staff through the various payment types, reconciling each as they go. Petty cash journals and adjustments can be added as required and transactions are then seamlessly processed into Attaché. Processing payments is now quick and data is easily exported to the bank.

“The POS system has improved and we reduced the amount of breakdown issues we were having. ProSys was great in the way they created the integration program that could bring all our POS data into Attaché.”

Advanced reporting and audit ready

In an industry with regular audits and where accounts must be prepared to stringent standards, flexible and comprehensive financial reporting is essential. Attaché’s advanced reporting has made auditing a breeze for the club, impressing even their auditors.

“Our auditor commented that it was our best audit yet. The reporting is amazing. I really like the ability to export data in a variety of formats and how easy it is to drill down to the source transactions.”

“The auditors also commented that they were surprised a new system had been installed so easily. Their experience had been they always found a lot of glitches when clients installed new software, but this solution went in very smoothly with very few issues.”

“ProSys have been great with the changeover of our systems. They worked with the other programs to make it an easy transition.”

With the assistance of their Attaché consultant, Tewantin-Noosa RSL successfully transitioned from an ageing system to a modern, integrated solution that meets their specific industry and business needs.

About Tewantin-Noosa RSL

  • One of the largest and most successful licensed clubs on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast
  • Provides dining, entertainment and other services for the community
  • Attaché accounting and payroll provides the foundation for their modern, integrated business solution
Tewantin-Noosa RSL