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Discover resources covering the latest insights, best practice advice and tips to help accountants manage change and grow their practice over the long term.

eBooks, resources and webinars for Accountants

Managing an accounting practice is an ever-increasing challenge in today's environment with increasing client demands and a constantly changing regulatory environment making it difficult to take time to manage your practice. These resources have been designed to only give you the most relevant information, helping you increase your firm's efficiency, improve your client services and grow your practice into the future.


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Accountants Guide

An Accountant's Guide to Smart Automation

Discover how technology can help your practice save time and provide superior, faster service. Smart automation increases efficiency, quality of work, and ultimately profitability.

ACS APS AU WEBTILE Future Practices In Accounting

Future work practices in accounting: Predictions for the coming years and the challenges ahead

Beyond deriving insights from your data, better data visualisation can ultimately help you run a better practice and learn more about your clients’ needs, so you can facilitate additional advisory services more frequently.


How trends in cybersecurity will impact accountants

Download our whitepaper today to discover the very real risks facing accounting firms today, as well as the tools you need to bolster your cyber defences and protect against a growing horde of threat actors.

ACS APS AU WEBTILE Choosing Practice Managament Software Ebook

Choosing the right practice management software

If you’re looking for new practice management software in this new financial year, you may have already drawn up a wish list of requirements. Good start! As you embark on this process, it’s wise to consider the key steps involved in choosing the right solution.

ACS APS AU WEBTILE Data Driven Organisation And Visualisation Whitepaper

Visualisation is the key to unlocking insights to make data-driven decisions

Beyond deriving insights from your data, better data visualisation can ultimately help you run a better practice and learn more about your clients’ needs, so you can facilitate additional advisory services more frequently

ACS APS AU WEBTILE Mastering The Digital Workspace

Mastering the digital workspace: How to make the future work for accountants

Download our whitepaper today to discover what a ‘digital workplace’ really means for the future of accounting. It’s time to challenge how we think about digital workspaces. If you don’t change with the times, you’re assured to be outpaced by the competition.

ACS APS AU WEBTILE The State Of Workflow White Paper

The state of workflow: Automation opportunities and the risks of standing still

The ability of your business to embrace automated workflow technology today could be the difference between success and failure. This white paper will illustrate how automation technology will play a vital role in disrupting workforces and the wider economy over the next decade.

ACS APS AU WEBTILE Artificial Intelligence

The final frontier of accounting: How the rise of AI and predictive analytics is changing the numbers game

Download our whitepaper to uncover the inherent benefits of both AI and PA, as well as key insights and practical knowledge for how to integrate them into your firm.

ACS APS AU WEBTILE Transforming Tax Time For Today And Tomorrow Whitepaper

Transforming tax time for today and tomorrow

This whitepaper shares practical knowledge on the state of the industry, why the tax landscape is shifting, and highlights the signs your firm needs to transform its tax processes.

820 X 460 ACS AU DIGITAL Assets For Tax Time Ebook 17276528

Transform Your Tax practice

This whitepaper will share practical knowledge for practice owners, partners and business advisors at large, that will help you navigate the future of tax time.

820X460 WEB TILE ACS AU Accountants Resource Hub Ebook Tile 17239633

Mass Customisation of Advisory Services

Explore how practices can achieve mass customisation of advisory services – which is the ability to communicate business advice in a personalised way to hundreds of clients

FY22 P09 AVC CDP TOF RESOURCE Becomingaclient Centricpractice 2

How to become a client-centric practice

Learn how cloud technology can help you save time and streamline interactions with your clients. Putting clients at the heart is key to growing your practice.

17218054 Tiles Accounts Resource Hub 9Tips Efficiency

9 Tips To Boost Efficiency And Grow Your Practice

Use these quick and easy tips to save time and enhance your productivity.

17218054 Tiles Accounts Resource Hub 4Data Challenges

Top 4 data challenges facing Australian practices

Learn how to overcome the challenges of becoming a data-driven practice.

17218054 Tiles Accounts Resource Hub Future Practice

How to future proof your practice

Position your practice for future success with practical tips from accounting consultancy Smithink. This e-Book covers the top tips you need to adapt to the changing accounting industry.

4Bennefits Ebook

4 Benefits of Centralising Your Practice's Client Information

Download our eBook to learn how a data warehouse application can help centralise your practice’s client data.

596X265 ACS AU WEB Web Tile For Webinar Videos 17319396

Your Future Practice - Access HandiSoft Cloud

Your Future Practice, Access HandiSoft Cloud webinar series, showcasing how HandiSoft Cloud can help you improve practice productivity, enrich client experience, and future proof your practice.

WEB AU Webinar Tiles Keynote 17228418

HandiSoft Cloud - Keynote

Extend HandiSoft capabilities to grow your practice and client relationships.

WEB AU Webinar Tiles Core Compliance 17228418

HandiSoft Cloud - Automated compliance workflows

Deep Dive 1: Core Compliance, Automated compliance workflows from bookkeeping to accounts finalisation, tax preparation and lodgement for all your clients

WEB AU Webinar Tiles Biz Advisory 17228418

HandiSoft Cloud - Business Advisory

Deep Dive 2: Business Advisory - Provide value added services to your clients to empower them to succeed with tools and information they need to make more proactive data driven decisions.

WEB AU Webinar Tiles Compliance Automation 17228418

HandiSoft Cloud - Compliance automation and data analytics

Deep Dive 3: Compliance automation and data analytics for your small business clients.

WEB AU Webinar Tiles Job Management 17228418

HandiSoft Cloud - Job management

Deep Dive 4: Job Management – Track client jobs to completion with automated workflows to ensure each task is allocated and commenced on time.

WEB AU Webinar Tiles Client Management 17228418

HandiSoft Cloud - Client Management

Deep Dive 5: Client Management – Discover how to engage all your prospects and clients in one place.

Handisoft Cloud Web Tile 596X265px

HandiSoft Cloud Solution Brochure

The next generation HandiSoft Cloud platform, helping Australian accountants to optimise their practice and enhance client engagement.

Handitax Web Tile 596X265px

HandiTax Cloud Solution Brochure

Fast and powerful client tax preparation and lodgement in the cloud.

Acct Cloud Web Tile 596X265px

Accountant Cloud Solution Brochure

Accountant Cloud provides a client-centric practice management platform, helping you provide better client engagement, manage jobs, track time and optimise practice resources to maximise current and future opportunities.

Datahub Web Tile 596X265px

Data Hub Solution Brochure

Get instant access to data and insights to make data driven decisions across your practice.

Final Accts Web Tile 596X265px

Final Accounts Solution Brochure

Access Final Accounts offers powerful accounts preparation capabilities to produce professional practice branded financial and management reports for all your clients.