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Accounting Practice Software:

Accounting practice reporting and insights

Get instant access to data and insights to make data driven decisions across your practice.



Connect your accounting practice with data

Accountants Dashboards
Smart dashboards

Get insights at a glance with your KPI data presented as smart dashboards and summaries.

Accountants Productivityreporting
Industry-leading reporting

Best in class practice reporting helps you extract information from your practice to deliver results internally and for clients.

Accountants Clientinsights
Client insights

Be more proactive and provide your clients with the information and insights they need to make data driven decisions.

View & track insights and KPIs at a glance

Extract pratice information and present it visually through smart dashboards. Your data is easier to understand, making it easy to analyse and monitor practice performance.

Track, compare and visualise tax information

Get crucial visibility over your tax reporting. Track key tax metrics for your practice with visability of tax returns by status, type, and make year on year comparisons.

Improve staff productivity with billable hours reporting

Gain insights into critical staff and team productivity metrics to understand the staff split across billable and internal hours worked. These insights can be sliced across a variety of different dimensions, including assessing chargeable hours or write offs by the manager of a job, the partner or the team.

Visualise clients CRM data to maximise practice growth

Consolidate all available relevant data against individual clients, with summaries by Family Group. Dashboard and summary formats present a complete picture of clients enabling you to track jobs by month, YTD or make comparisons to see how your firm is tracking.

Access your information anywhere, anytime

Connect and visualise your data anywhere, anytime to ensure you’re always on top of your business activity at any given time.

Power your practice performance with data and reporting insights

Find out how you can use data to keep your practice performing whilst providing clients with the insights they need. Talk to one of our experts to learn about the best suited Access solution for your practice.

Keep up to date with the latest Accountant Information

Visit our Accountants hub and blog for the latest research, best practices and industry specific insights.

Accounting practice reporting and insights FAQ

What kinds of reports are used by accounting firms?

Busy accounting practices need a number of vital reports that will help them make data driven decisions, including:

  • Billable hours reporting to understand the staff split across their practice.
  • Key tax metrics for their practice, with visibility of tax returns by status and type.
  • Practice KPIs at a glance to analyse and monitor practice performance.
  • CRM data on individual clients that can be used to maximise practice growth.
What is an accounting practice reporting software?

Accounting practice reporting software is specifically designed with accounting professionals in mind. This vital solution helps practice owners and team members access reports and empowered insights to make faster data-driven decisions that will make accounting practices operate in a more responsive, meaningful way.

How does an accounting practice reporting software work?

Accounting practice reporting software works by connecting your practice with data. Using smart dashboards, you'll have value-adding data at your fingertips, including your KPI data presented as smart dashboards and summaries. You'll have the capability to get in front of clients with key information from your practice that you can use to influence your decision making.

What are the benefits of accounting practice reporting software?

The benefits of accounting practice reporting software include:

  • Being more proactive with your clients by providing them with insights they need to make data driven decisions.
  • Making essential data easier to interpret and more practical to analyse.
  • Having better visibility over how your accounting practice is performing.
  • Getting oversight over tax reporting.
  • Improving staff productivity.
  • Maximising practice growth using all available relevant data.
  • The convenience of connecting and visualising your data anywhere, anytime.

    Access Data Hub can help you harness the power of your client and practice data.
What insights can your practice obtain from accounting practice reporting software?

With accounting practice reporting software, you'll be gathering insights to help you work smarter, including:

  • Client insights to help them make data driven decisions.
  • Industry-leading reporting that enables you extract practical information and present it through smart dashboards to monitor the performance of your practice.
  • Tax metrics that can be clearly tracked, giving you visibility over tax returns by status, type and the ability to make year on year comparisons.
  • Productivity metrics, such as billable hours reporting to better help you understand how your team manage their time.
  • Visual data that presents a complete picture of how your practice growth is tracking.