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Payroll Analytics & Reporting

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The significance of data analysis and payroll analytics cannot be overstated when it comes to aiding organisations in enhancing their decision-making processes. Having efficient reporting tools that offer dynamic and all-encompassing data is vital, enabling teams to actively oversee operations and confidently initiate meaningful improvements.

Payroll Reporting

Facilitate efficient workforce management by collecting vital and tailored data pertinent to your organisation. Whether you're monitoring COVID-19 vaccination records, qualifications, or moving toward a digital system by converting all your documents into a centralised database, you have full control.

Empower your teams with a user-friendly interface that enables them to input data using diverse field options, aligning with your preferred data structure. Get started quickly by duplicating existing forms and previewing changes in real-time as you create them.

Automate Key Tasks

Simplify repetitive tasks or introduce fresh ones by implementing automation, enabling your HR teams to allocate more of their time to proactive initiatives. Building workflows becomes straightforward, involving a drag-and-drop approach, allowing you to efficiently duplicate existing workflows and generate new ones in a matter of minutes.

Delegate responsibilities for uploading information, send reminders to maintain up-to-date compliance records, or request approvals for new policies. Perform searches to identify information deficiencies, and subsequently, create smart automated workflows to manage the required tasks, liberating your teams to invest additional time in elevating the company's culture.

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Utilising pivot tables, your team can produce reports in any preferred layout and choose from various formatting options, including tables and charts.

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Create and store customised reports without facing any constraints or boundaries. Implement field filters, set date parameters, and opt for output styles, enabling teams to review the necessary data in the formats they prefer.

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Begin by employing pre-made reports, dashboards, or exporting data to the tool of your choice. With a range of chart and pivot table templates readily accessible, you'll find it effortless to prepare your reports for presentations to management.

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Payroll Analytics FAQs

What are Payroll Analytics?

Payroll analytics enables organisations to improve their decision-making processes through data analysis. By presenting data in a clear and understandable format, teams can confidently manage and proactively drive changes. With your payroll software's reporting system, both teams and executives can easily retrieve pertinent data and dashboards, supporting well-informed strategic decisions in their day-to-day operations.

What can you do with payroll data in your company?

With access to the relevant payroll reporting data, your company can make informed strategic business decisions with confidence through payroll analytics. This data allows you to pinpoint productivity issues and create efficient strategies. The reports' appropriate level of detail streamlines the reporting procedure, and their real-time accessibility guarantees that the information remains consistently current.

How can I protect my payroll data?

In order to uphold the confidentiality and safety of your Payroll software data, Access Payroll employs high-level practices and technology. The data is shielded through a strong 256-bit TLS encryption, which is on par with the security standards utilized by financial institutions like banks. Access to payroll is based on permissions, granting the team suitable levels of access. Added security measures, such as single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and tailored password policies, guarantee the security of data for both employees and employers. Moreover, the payroll analytics and reporting functionalities serve to detect any possible security breaches.

Can I run a payroll analysis report with Access Payroll?

Access Payroll solutions offers extensive reporting and payroll analytics. For example, it enables you to analyse your labour expenses at both the pay item and summary levels. The robust analysis and report writing features empower your teams to detect any unfavourable patterns and respond appropriately. With proactive reporting, such as reviewing labour costs before finalising a roster, you can effectively exercise cost control in a timely manner.