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Become a payroll hero by getting it right every time with Access UBS Payroll.

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Pay your employees with confidence

Process payroll with Access UBS Payroll (formerly Sage Payroll) knowing that your payments are correct, secure and compliant with local legislations.


Stay compliant

Keep up to date with latest LHDN legislations.


Analyse your payroll

Understand and manage your company’s human resource costings with ease through summary reports of employee payslips.


Secure and accurate payments

Keep employee salary secure with authorisation processes and access rights.


Manage leave and attendance

Handle holiday entitlement, record custom absence types, calculate sick pay, maternity/paternity, overtime through the system.


Pay employees on time

Track and manage each employee’s pay while computing bonuses and incentives based on user-defined criteria and formulas.


Remote access

Payroll mobile licence allows users to continue working anywhere, anytime; even when out of the office.


Integrate with UBS

Seamless integration with our accounting solution.


Store employee records

Secure your employee data - appraisals, leaves, absences, holidays, job and salary history in one place.

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  • Quick and easy setup
    Simple installation process, set-up wizards and a built-in help centre, even first-time users will be up-and-running in no time.
  • Expert help and support
    Even though our payroll software is easy to use, we understand you might need a helping hand now and then. That's why Access Payroll is backed by market-leading support, giving you access to our payroll experts by phone or email.
No exper payroll knowledge needed

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