Manage your payroll on-premise, in the cloud or have it fully-outsourced with our payroll bureau service.

Suffering payroll headaches?

Suffering payroll headaches?

  • Do you worry about payroll compliance with new rules and regulations?
  • Do you need the flexibility to deal with different pay frequencies, multiple pay calendars and unlimited pay and benefit types?
  • Access’ HMRC-recognised payroll software is developed by experienced payroll professionals and is constantly kept up to date with current legislation including RTI and pension auto enrolment

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Integrated payroll solutions

  • Payroll, accounts and HR can be integrated to ensure there is no need to rekey data
  • Reduce manual admin burden such as OSP and SSP calculations, split costs, aggregated NI and more
  • From autocompleted P11D ready for submission to HMRC to epayslips, automating processes helps to improve payroll efficiency
  • Expert payroll bureau staff can act as an extension of your own accounting team if you choose to outsource your payroll

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Integrated payroll solutions

At a glance

Access financial management solutions have been designed with your business in mind. The award-winning accounting software is available as a standalone financial management software system or as part of an integrated suite including payroll, project management, HR, timesheets and expenses, document management and much more.

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Stephen Scott

Whereas previously payroll required five days per week to processes, we’ve reduced that to 30 minutes with Access’ Payroll Services.

Stephen Scott - Managing Director