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  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Over 700 manufacturers and contractors rely on the Access ERP portfolio to drive down costs and increase efficiency throughout their operations. Clients such as RG Carter, HB Projects, Greenhill Construction, Fugro Seacore, King of Shaves, Lycored, Sacla, WDS Components and Espa use Access solutions to control costs, plan accurately, improve customer retention and operate more efficiently.

WDS is now operating significantly more efficiently. It's difficult to see how we could sustain this level of activity with our current headcount without the new system.

Simon Booth, WDS Component Parts Ltd


Whether you require to manage a specific part of the supply chain such as sub-contractor management and planning or the entire supply chain including procurement to production and warehousing, Access can provide a scalable integrated solution to suit.

• Streamlines and automates processes
• Greater visibility, efficiency and control of your supply chain
• Reduced administration and empowered employees
• Make informed decisions and grow intelligently
• One solution, end-to-end management

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One solution for all

Whether you want to manage a specific part of the supply chain such as sub-contractor management and planning or the entire supply chain, Access can give you the tools you need in one integrated solution specific to your needs.

Access SupplyChain solutions manage the entire supply chain from procurement to planning to production and warehousing – all through one integrated solution. From intelligent estimating to waste reduction, resource planning and everything in between, Access’ software gives businesses the clarity and knowledge they need to make the right decisions with confidence.

Record time and inefficiency

Accurately record the actual time spent on work orders and other activities, plus manage staff attendance and lost time with full labour traceability.

Time can be entered manually or using bar codes against individual operations or the progress of the works order itself, for calculation of efficiency figures. You can also record downtime, good, scrap and rejected quantities at each stage of production.

Track sources of labour inefficiency and establish the true cost of activity. Values can be posted to your job costing records and core financials.

Standalone or part of the family

Our solution can work standalone or as part of a full ERP solution to give you traceability, MRPII, supplier control and shop floor data capture at a touch of a button. It will improve your planning, estimating, cost allocation and billing, providing you with the information needed to build strong supplier and customer relationships.

Procurement & supplier management

Access SupplyChain will advise you which items are required, who to buy from and when to place your order. It provide parameters for monitoring supplier performance and financial analysis which is key to strengthening your supply chain and securing better prices.

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