Mobile Suite

RDB ProNet Recruitment Software for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, accesses the RDB ProNet database in real time. View your database Main Index with details of all your Clients, Contacts and Applicants as well as interactive mobile reporting live.
Our Mobile Suite allows you to fill new client requirements out of hours without taking paper lists out of the office.

Your Main Index and KPIS on your Phone

Your Main Index and KPIS on your Phone

  • Live KPI's and sales reports direct to your phone.
  • Share reports, graphs, grid’s and gauges with your users.
  • Send and receive messages to and from other users in the RDB ProNet Database.
  • View message links and navigate to them.
  • Works over GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi connections.

* Requires Web Services set-up.

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Customisable Interface

  • Themes
    • Choose from four different themes.
    • Choose your font for the app.
    • Option to change number of results returned.

  • Form Saving
    • When leaving the application to make a phone call, send email or view map, your current state will be restored when you open the application again.

  • Grid and CardView
    • Tables auto-size the cells depending on the length of the text.

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Customisable Interface
Find, view, create and edit clients, contacts & applicants

Find, view, create and edit clients, contacts & applicants

  • Job Index
    • View, edit and create new jobs.
    • 'Auto-match' applicants to a job and assign workers to a placement or add to review screen.
    • Review screen, add applicants, change status and assign (placement) workers.

  • Applicant Records
    • View applicants current placements.
    • Contact records.
    • Create new job for client.

  • Client Records
    • View current jobs with client.
    • View current placements with client.
    • Create new job for client.
    • Use the iPhone’s rich interface and integration to call, SMS, email or locate clients using the map function.

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First Choice Software have a developed a product in RDB Pro Net that has everything a business needs to deliver effective recruitment solutions. From its easy to use interface and advanced searching functions to its ability to customize to fit the exacts needs of our business. Value for money and return on investment is essential in today's business world and RDB delivers just that. Whether you are actively looking to upgrade your recruitment CRM systems or not, RDB is product that must be looked at.

Patrick Bell - Director at Genesis Associates