Electronic Medication Management

Updated automatically, eMAR frees you from the admin and errors caused by updating MAR sheets manually.

<span style="color: #54adcf"> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Manage and Administer </span>

    Manage and Administer

  • Medication prompts – carers are shown which medication to administer in each visit, with detailed instructions and images
  • Administration – carers log medication as administered or not administered with reason codes and additional notes
  • Updated automatically – each time medication is administered or not administered it is logged automatically in that service user’s eMAR chart.

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     Medication safety

  • Alerts – supervisors are automatically notified when medication is missed 
  • Audit – quickly view eMAR charts from any date range, print or export as a PDF
  • Changing medication – changing a service user’s medication is straightforward and secure
  • Medication library – pre loaded library of medication to select from.

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<span style="color: #54adcf"> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp  Medication safety</span>

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Access Mobizio is a leading innovator in care planning software. Take advantage of our complete solution to manage care planning, monitoring and delivery and digitise and automate your care processes.

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Vijay Majithia

We decided to digitise our records to not only reduce our costs but also to improve safeguarding and compliance. Mobizio has covered everything, it really stood out because of the ease of use, the extra savings it will give us and because we can easily customise it to best fit our business. We looked at other care planning software but nothing came close to Mobizio.

Vijay Majithia - Managing Director