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INFOGRAPHIC: Adding up medication error risks in care homes

How many medicines do care homes give to residents on average and what is the chance of error? What causes medication errors in care homes and where do they happen, at administration or management level?

Using data from a wide range of sources this infographic explains average rates of administering medication in a care home.

Are the causes of medication errors in the administration, or do they more commonly occur in medication management in care homes?

The infographic explores:

  • Medication management
  • Causes of medication errors in care homes
  • Administering medication in a care home
  • eMAR and electronic medication administration systems

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Medicines in care and nursing homes - what are the risks?

What are the risks that whirl around managing and adminstering medicines in care homes? What are the key causes? How can you prevent or reduce errors and evidence good management?
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Educate and innovate your medicine processes

Learn how operators of care homes and nursing homes are gaining control over their medicine processes to reduce risk and be more efficient. What processes and systems like eMAR are they using?