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  • Production Planning & Scheduling

Keep your planners in the driving seat

Replacing inefficient, error prone and time consuming spreadsheets with a visual, graphical production planning and scheduling solution that keeps your planners in the driving seat. Access Orchestrate increases manufacturing efficiency through plan visibility, cost reduction, lower stocks, and better utilisation. Use Access Orchestrate to manage machines, labour and materials with visual production plans that are easy to understand.

Our OTIF performance has improved from 92% to 97%. The important thing is these are all quantifiable benefits.

Peter Teague, Nolato Jaycare



  • • Visually clear tool using GANTT chart formats that are easy to understand

  • • Real time, complete visibility of the end-to-end process with visual production plans and schedules

  • • Powerful 'what if' analyses to find material shortages or production bottlenecks in your production lines

  • • Replaces complex, error prone and time consuming excel spreadsheets

  • • Improved communication between departments with user specific views of the plan

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Plan ahead and beyond

Take your production planning to the next level with real-time information and visibility of your resources. Ensure operations are only scheduled when the necessary resources are available, by tracking and maximising the machinery, manpower and materials at your disposal.

This form of production scheduling helps work in progress (WIP) become more consistent with materials only ordered when needed, inventory levels fall back, reduction of rush jobs and production bottlenecks, and lead times becoming more predictable.

The outcome: you spend less time chasing and more time concentrating on the everyday challenge of capacity planning and balancing that with customer demand, thereby increasing efficiency, improving delivery times and improving relations with your suppliers and customers.

It pays to plan ahead.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Replace complex, error prone and time consuming spreadsheets with a planning and scheduling solution that is built around real-constraints. Access Orchestrate graphically exposes the implication of unplanned changes and ‘what if’ scenarios to bring a whole new world of process improvement opportunities.

With GANTT chart formats, user-specific views, drag and drop functionality and powerful ‘what if’ analyses, our solution can capture the complete view of your manufacturing end-to-end process and simplify it into one, easy to use platform.

A single, company-wide solution

Access Orchestrate ensures improved communication between departments, giving planners, administrators, status trackers and account managers a single version of the plan that is consistent and without ambiguity. Changes to plans, such as new priorities, are instantly available to everyone who needs to know, in a format they understand.

Our production scheduling solution has all the functions necessary to inform and support multiple users with clear interaction between tasks and dependencies, and real-time updates to eliminate communication delays. Access Orchestrate is used throughout the business from shop floor to top floor to give you the right information at the right time.

A single, company-wide solution that everyone can use.

Better process visibility


Many of the business benefits that Access Orchestrate delivers – such as taking out cost inventory and changeovers, reducing scrap and wasted effort, winning more business with better lead-times and improved delivery performance – stem from better process visibility across the whole company, at the planning stage.

Access Orchestrate is built around processes, showing the interaction between tasks and their dependencies. Planners can see how batches mesh together, how they interact and overlap. This presents ideal opportunities to reduce batch footprint and to develop continuous improvement projects.

You can also schedule multiple resources, such as machines, tools and operators, all at the same time. The system will then plan operations only when all the resources are available. With true visibility of processes, you can clearly see any potential material shortages or capacity bottlenecks and improve the delivery performance as a whole.

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