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Access' HR software will support every aspect of your HR, talent management and payroll. From recruitment and onboarding to performance and absence management, as well as a flexible range of payroll solutions, we will help you to unite, integrate and optimise all of your people processes.

Our HR software solutions will support every aspect of your employee interactions. From recruitment and onboarding right through to training , talent management, payment and reward, we will help you track, monitor and analyse the success of your employees.

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Features at a glance

Plan for the future

What will your organisation look like in 10 years? Effective HR software identifies the individuals who will ensure your future success and the support they need to get there. Identify skills gaps, focus training and development and nurture ambition.

Complete visibility

Do you struggle to see which areas might need improvement? Our HR software solutions help you understand where, how and why your workforce should be developed to keep your organisation moving forward.

Making it simple

Simplicity is key. The functionality in the Access HR software suite allows you to create automated drag & drop workflows, implement self-service for your employees to carry out their own tasks, and configure your solution in a way that will instantly benefit your organisation.

People management

Our award-winning HR software is much more than just a database for information. It is an organisation-wide people management solution, taking care of your employees the minute they join your organisation.

HR & Talent Management

Many HR processes require a substantial financial investment. High attrition rates, regular recruitment drives and absence management are just some of the areas where organisations often make substantial losses. Whether you require basic HR management or an intuitive talent strategy, our HR solutions mean you remain in control of your investment.

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Human Resources Software

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We are here to give you the advice, tools and clarity you need.

Recruitment & Onboarding

What talent lies undiscovered in your organisation? An internal talent pool is an intuitive, cost-effective way of recruiting, and offers employees the benefit of being able to move through the organisation when they feel they’ve fulfilled their potential in a particular role. SelectHR enables your organisation to build and maintain a talent pool, and optimise recruitment processes.

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Learning & Development

Ongoing learning provides developmental support and is often a pre-requisite for employees looking to join a dynamic organisation. A robust, well-managed learning and development programme will help you stand out from the competition, and HR technology can help. SelectHR allows you to align learning with individual objectives, spot skills gaps and put together detailed learning programmes.

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Absence Management

Accurate capturing and real-time monitoring: Accuracy isn’t always a given. In SelectHR, as soon as a manager has notification of someone’s absence, they can enter it into the HR system, either through self-service or mobile. Immediately, this can notify the relevant party. The process is fully automated, ensuring downtime and exposure to delivery of service problems can be proactively managed.

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HR Mobile

Desk-based working is no longer a key requirement in most businesses. The mobile SelectHR application is available on most smart phone devices, and put the functionality of the SelectHR solution at your fingertips, 24/7

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HR Analytics

The ability to capture and analyse data about the people within an organisation is an increasingly valuable HR management tool. Often the most expensive asset in any business, the workforce is often neglected when it comes to applying the dissemination and application of information. Access HR and Business Intelligence tools take the data you already have about your people, and give you the meaningful insight needed.

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Performance Management & Appraisals

To be effective, appraisals need to be so much more than annual 1-2-1’s between a manager and an employee. There is an increasing expectation on employers to provide performance management and increased engagement levels, and a robust, innovative appraisal system can go a long way towards helping achieve this. SelectHR’s performance and appraisal functionality can be configured to include 360 feedback, providing a rounded view as well as supporting tailored development plans.

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“My life is so much easier now with SelectHR. I cannot compare it with our previous system. It is so much better on so many different levels.”

Sara O’Hara, HR Business Partner, Epilepsy Society