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Project Costing & Timesheet Software

More than 140,000 professionals rely on Access FocalPoint every day to deliver profitable projects and achieve successful business growth. From PR and design agencies to facilities management and consultancy firms, if your business relies on fees, contracts and billable time then our integrated project management, timesheet and project costing software is for you.  

Together with our Access Dimensions accounting software, FocalPoint integrates with a wide range of flexible productivity tools including time and expense management, resource scheduling, purchase requests and mobile device integration for easy web-based access. With the professional project management software project milestones, budgetary control, analysis and reporting are all included, making it perfect for both project managers and the occasional user.

Web-based Access FocalPoint makes it easy to uncover the true costs of a project and the integrated timesheet software can provide visibility of hours logged each day. The ability to gain an accurate picture of work in progress puts an end to laborious month-end calculations and chasing for information. With this single, integrated project costing software you can be sure that every transaction is reflected in the most complete and recent view of your actual and committed costs.

But it doesn’t stop there. What makes the Access FocalPoint project management software so powerful is our workflow forms tool, allowing for the easy capture and smooth flow of information around your organisation. Think risk assessment, site survey, quote request, customer issue and project estimating forms, and you’ll get the idea. A simple solution that’s auditable, backed-up and secure.

And for every team, the ability to interact easily with other team members and clients can also impact greatly on the success of a project or contract. Our aCloud collaboration software makes managing projects much more efficient, allowing teams to collaborate wherever they might be based. From document sharing and version control to project update alerts and real-time tracked conversations making sure everyone is kept informed of progress.

There are so many facets to successful project and contract management. But whether you're an agency, consultancy or service provider, Access FocalPoint will give you access to the tools you need to gain a competitive edge and support your organisation as it grows.

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Features at a glance

Improve project profitability

Capturing real-time data on all your projects will give you absolute visibility, allowing you to view business-critical information any time, anywhere and from any device. Compare performance of actual costs with budgets and revenues to estimate value and instantly see profit margins against original expectation. Whatever stage your project is at, the information is all there for you to help make informed decisions.

Control time and expenses

Whether from the desktop or via mobile app, you’ll get the full picture of who is working on which project. As each person can quickly and easily update their own time and expense claims, less time is spent on data entry, WIP is instantly up-to-date and your billing process is improved.  Your utilisation will soar too as you fill white space and waste less time planning and switching between calendars and spreadsheets.

Fast, accurate billing

Speed is of the essence when it comes to billing to keep the cash flowing. It’s fast and efficient to create and convert estimates and quotations into live orders and projects, calculate staged payments and set up alerts - ensuring every user is responsible for timely client billing. You’ll keep projects moving and costs visible to the business, whilst managing your WIP and controlling your costs so you stay on budget.

Greater team collaboration

Be super-efficient with team collaboration software for both internal teams and to manage projects with clients. One central location for projects cuts confusion, duplication of effort and increases productivity by allowing your teams to work flexibly and on any device. The ability to track project progress through the software’s inbuilt intelligence means more projects get finished on time and on budget.

Project Management & Planning Solutions

Over 140,000 professionals use Access FocalPoint every day. The online portal runs directly from your core business data, enabling you to empower your employees, streamline processes with workflow and give greater visibility over your project costs helping to maximise your profit margins.

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Project Costing & Timesheet Software

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Always know what’s going on at each stage of your projects.

Service Management

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to re-key engineer job information into your computer system?

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Service and Project Financials

Access Dimensions solution gives you complete control of your business operation. Our unified finance system enables users to access consolidated, accurate data with extensive reporting and analysis capabilities.

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Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solution Access Insight simplifies the way people use data by making it a natural part of how they make decisions. Our mission is to deliver innovative, reliable and high-quality business analytics.

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There are really two main benefits with Access FocalPoint - control and efficiency. It has improved our business processes and allowed us to operate much faster.

Julian Coyne, British Pipeline Agency