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Smart businesses put Business Intelligence software (BI) at the heart of their operations.

Access BI & reporting solutions allow decision-makers to analyse company data, collaborate with colleagues, identify issues, spot opportunities, and decide ways forward in real time.

This level of insight allows informed decisions to be made and future business scenarios to be anticipated. Agile business intelligence doesn't even need a meeting room: simply join the discussion on your mobile or tablet.

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A new wave of business intelligence solutions

“We needed business intelligence systems to meet our dashboards and BI reporting needs. Thanks to its simplicity... Access Insight fits perfectly”

Nicolas Devilliers, SOFIMAT

Capitalise on your data

Traditional BI platforms are typically used to manage performance through simple reporting. For example, a report showing quarterly sales figures may be the basis for measuring employees against their targets. And that's where it ends.

Predict future business performance

The best business intelligence software tools go one step further and allow you to capitalise on information in order to make business decisions. Take corrective action where the data indicates there is an issue, capitalise on areas where your data indicates good performance, or predict future business performance using 'what if' scenarios.

Other reporting solutions from Access

Access provides a variety of management reporting tools to suit every professional role and business need. Whether it's using our Report Pack Creator to create the perfect board pack, drilling down via enquiry screens for on-the-spot information, Access Office Integration, Smart Tags or the powerful report-writing capabilities offered by Crystal - we fit function to process so you have the exact tools you need for every task you do.

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Access Insight

Access Insight

Analyse data, collaborate with colleagues, identify issues, spot opportunities, and move forward in real time. Access Insight puts the power of analytics in your hands. Agile BI doesn't even need a meeting room: just join the discussion on your mobile or tablet.

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