Agile decision making

Making decisions about your organisation doesn't have to be complicated. All you need is access to the relevant information.

Access Insight does exactly that. Through agile web technology, you can create interactive dashboards at any time of day, from any location. Extract meaningful KPIs and take action - instantly.

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Access Insight is a collaborative business intelligence solution

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Access Insight

What do we mean by business intelligence?

Our solution brings together all relevant business information and presents it in a dashboard using various intuitive formats such as charts, tables and maps. The information is easy to analyse, giving users the power to drill down to line detail and make strategic, well-informed business decisions.

What do we mean by collaborative?

Access Insight brings together people across your organisation by giving them the ability to create dashboards, share information and have conversations. They can even 'comment' on the data within the dashboard using social-network style sticky notes.

True Saas, anytime, anywhere.

Designed for users on the go, this web-based application can be used from your computer, tablet or phone. Don't have a meeting room? Just go online and join right in.

Why do customers choose Access Insight?

Data comparison made easy

Compare, filter and share your dashboard data using our intuitive tools. Access Insight makes it easy to analyse and dissect information held in charts, whether you're 'slicing and dicing' or using instinctive 'drag and drop' technology. Once you've got the chart you want, share it with users around your organisation via Excel or PDF.

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