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Comprehensive software packages for home care start-ups

Whether you have yet to register with the CQC or are already running your first agency, Access Care Foundations has everything you need to start, establish and grow your care business.

We have guided thousands of care start ups on their journey to becoming established, successful operators. We have the expertise and the software to ensure you are successful.

Unregistered? Only start paying for care management modules once your CQC/CIS/CIW/RQIA registration is complete

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Benefit from the UK's leading care software with exclusive discounts

Every home care provider can benefit from the best care management software with Care Foundations. It combines the software you need into integrated packages so you get the most from your software investment, digitising at a rate and price that suits your needs.

Used by the UK's largest and fastest growing home care providers, Access provides an unparalleled range and quality of software to our customers.

Why Access Care Foundations?

  • Everything you need to run your care business more efficiently now and as it grows
  • Reduce hours spent on admin, spend more time on care, quality improvement and growth
  • Easy to use, integrated, single system from one supplier with one expert support team
  • The best software for care providers, at a price you can afford with exclusive discounts for home care start ups
  • Access to a range and quality of care management software unmatched elsewhere - used by the UK's top home care providers
  • Only pay for the software you use - see our helpful guide for more info
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What's included? Compare Care Foundations packages:

20% discount off list price
25% discount off list price
Access Care Product Key solutions included
Access Care 'Flightpath' (Support and Success) Implementation, training, ongoing support and success plan Yes Yes Yes
Access Care Policies and Procedures Complete care policies and procedures Yes Yes Yes
Staff handbook Yes Yes Yes
Recruitment pack Yes Yes Yes
Access PeoplePlanner Care scheduling No Yes Yes
Visit route mapping No Yes Yes
Visit verification No Yes Yes
Staff management & HR No Yes Yes
Billing, Pay and Finances No Yes Yes
Employee portal No No Yes
Client and billing management No Yes Yes
Access Care Planning Digital care plans and records No Yes Yes
Mobile care worker app No Yes Yes
Electronic MAR (eMAR) No Yes Yes
Family and Funder app No No Yes
Access Learning for Care eLearning and eCompetency No Yes Yes
Access Care Compliance Care compliance & governance No No Yes
Auditing & mock inspections No No Yes

Pick the right package for you:

We have three options for packages: Care Foundations Essentials, Standard and Premium.

Find out more and see the software in action

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The best tools today and for the future

Ensuring we had the best tools available not just for today but also with growth plans in mind was what we wanted. We consider Access to be an integral part of our business and I sleep well at night knowing we have such a wonderful and reliable system. Our account manager has been outstanding working alongside us.

Paul Pitchford , Managing Director, Your Home Care

Reassurance and consistency

There is a consistency of standards now across the business, no inadvertent use of old forms or paperwork, because of the nature of storing information within the system I am not relying on face to face visits to our network to discover any potential issues, I know about them almost immediately, this is very reassuring.

Jessica Jenkinson, Governance and Operations Manager, Radfield Home Care

The best in the UK

I am 100% convinced that every provider who gets to know in detail what Access Care Systems can do for their business will definitely join the lucky us who are already enjoying the benefits. It’s a really affordable cost for what we are actually getting for your money, I definitely believe Access Group systems are the best in the UK.

Ashy Mukiibi, Managing Director, Surrey Care Partnership

What can we do for you?

Complete the form and one of our friendly experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements and our software, at a time to suit you.

Care foundations frequently asked questions

I’m setting up a new care agency, how could a Care Foundations package help me?

I’m not yet CQC registered, can I still take up a Care Foundations package?

Are these the right products for me as a new care agency start up?

My CQC domiciliary care registration hasn’t yet come through, so should I wait to explore software?

What makes Access different to others offering similar products?

I’m setting up a new care agency, how could a Care Foundations package help me?

Our Care Foundations packages have been specifically developed with domically care agencies in mind, and in particular, new care agencies in the UK.

Navigating your way around the requirements of starting out can be overwhelming, so at Access we have the resources and guidance to help you see a clear path – view our Care Hub  for helpful articles and guides about domically care agencies.

And of course we have the software to help too! We are a one-stop shop for all home health care business start-ups. From CQC domiciliary care registration to compliance and training, we have software that allows you to work efficiently and effectively, so maximum time is spent focusing on caring for clients.

I’m not yet CQC registered, can I still take up a Care Foundations package?

Yes! Now is the best time to start your Access software journey.

We have the expertise to guide you through registration – see our helpful blog on what’s involved and what to expect and with our packages, you’ll only be charged for the tools you need to get successfully registered, thereafter the other products will be chargeable once your business kicks off, or within in 12 months of registration – see our useful graphic of the friendly payment terms .

Setting up a care agency and using time-saving software from the start is a recipe for success! We offer the most widely used software in the sector, so you’ll certainly be in good company.


Are these the right products for me as a new care agency start up?

Care Foundations is all about packaging up the essential software products you need as a new provider, to get up and running… and be successful! A wide variety of home healthcare companies use our software and are now successfully running highly efficient domiciliary care agencies as a result.

Always with the mantra of putting the clients at the heart of the operation. With the ability to have real-time views of how the business is performing, what needs and availability staff have, and crucially the ability to easily evidence compliance during CQC inspections, software offered in packages such as Care Foundations are game-changers. Read our case study of Customers Bay Care  who report huge cost and time savings as a result of moving from paper based operation to that of care management software.

My CQC domiciliary care registration hasn’t yet come through, so should I wait to explore software?

The sooner you get in touch the better. We have a knowledgeable team of sales professionals who know all about domi care products and crucially what would work best for you in your position right now, as a new care agency start-up. You are welcome to book a demo call and speak to a member of the team whenever suits your schedule . Once you see the software in action, you’re sure to see the value!


What makes Access different to others offering similar products?

At Access we offer an unparalleled range and quality of software to our customers. We are widely used throughout the sector – we support c12,000 registered care locations across community services, home care - and care homes.

And we understand the challenges faced by home care businesses, and in particular those starting a care agency. With our full suite of Access products on offer, your care management software needs can all be fulfilled, unlike other companies which offer just one or two solutions.

As your business grows, so will your software needs – we have the solutions to match.