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Marches Care provides nursing and dementia care for up to 81 individuals in the historic town of Shrewsbury.

When Marches Care first spoke with Access they had a very clear vision of what they wanted from the Access care home suite of solutions

1. Achieve greater visibility

2. better reporting of day to day care activities and

3. increase capacity to manage compliance requirements and enhance the quality of their person-centered care.

“We had been looking at digital solutions for about 5 years.  We tried two different companies and both of them were unsuccessful because we were having to fit in to their way of doing things.  With Access solutions, its very malleable.  We can personalise it not just to the residents requirements, but to the company and the way we work.” – Carey Bloomer, Director of Nursing at Marches Care

Carey Bloomer muses about how far her business has come since Marches started its journey with Access.

“Having introduced Access’s Care & Clinical and Medication Management software nearly two years ago, our practices and the way we manage our homes have changed immeasurably. More time is spent with residents and the quality, quantity and accuracy of our documentation has improved beyond anything I had hoped for.”

What has also had a tremendous impact on Carey, is how the fully integrated solution has transformed the way they run their home.

“The software enables a level of transparency that breeds responsibility and accountability, that was just not there prior to Access. The high level of transparency has made staff much prouder of what they do and has bonded the team together as well.”

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