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Keep on top of customer SLAs and track goods leaving your warehouse with automated order management, marketplace integration and a real-time view of stock in your warehouse.

<span style="color: #70b274 ">Order management and release</span>

Order management and release

  • Access Delta WMS marketplace integration means electronic orders are automatically received, eliminating manual rekeying and reducing human error
  • Automated order management ensures that you can achieve on time in full delivery for all customer orders
  • Input your time-bound SLAs into Access Delta to ensure work is prioritised effectively

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Task management

  • Multi order picking using wave, bulk and automated pick face replenishment
  • Intelligent route picking maximises your capacity to fulfil orders without increasing headcount with real-time voice picking or scanning technology
  • Replenishment rules can be set to include expiry dates and first in first out (FIFO) ensuring accurate stock rotation
  • Maintain a full audit of 'who did what and when' and know your true capacity without guessing
<span style="color: #70b274 ">Task management</span>
<span style="color: #70b274 ">Despatch</span>


  • Automate tasks and keep records of packing and post picking checks
  • Scan pallets onto transport when loading for full inventory traceability
  • Courier integration with major European hauliers helps you to work effectively with your transport partners
  • Automated advanced shipment notices speed up the processing of orders throughout your supply chain, a big requirement when delivering into major retailers

Access Delta software features

Access Delta has extensive functionality for your warehousing requirements. Working with our customers, we provide the features that you require and follow UKWA best practice in doing so.

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Louise Marshall

Our daily order rate is around 450-500 a day for picking. Without Access Delta, it would be difficult to manage the amount of orders being picked from two different locations.

Louise Marshall - Group IT Director at AKW