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A tightly controlled goods in process is the foundation of efficient warehousing. See how our software can improve accuracy and efficiency when receiving goods into your warehouse.

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  • Integrate your Access Delta WMS with supplier ASNs, purchase orders or works orders to keep track of expected stock due in
  • A dock bay management diary helps you plan vehicle arrivals into the business
  • Record stock attributes including serial numbers, batch numbers, BBE and lot numbers for tracking, instant reconciliation and effective product recalls
  • Barcode scanning or voice technology ensures fast, accurate data capture

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Put away

  • Advanced put away rules mean items are placed in the right location; empty location suggestions ensure all available space can be used and no time is wasted
  • User specific tasks ensure that stock can be put away quickly and efficiently; for example pallet moves are automatically allocated to staff on forklift trucks
  • Real-time visibility of available stock without needing to wait for goods in paperwork to be returned enables efficient stock management
<span style="color: #70b274 ">Put away</span>

Access Delta software features

Access Delta has extensive functionality for your warehousing requirements. Working with our customers, we provide the features that you require and follow UKWA best practice in doing so.

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Louise Marshall

Our daily order rate is around 450-500 a day for picking. Without Access Delta, it would be difficult to manage the amount of orders being picked from two different locations.

Louise Marshall - Group IT Director at AKW