As more companies are becoming pure online retailers and traditional wholesalers are moving into eCommerce, Access Delta helps them to operate with marketplace system integration and intelligent order picking to save time and money in this high volume, low margin market.

<span style="color: #70b274 ">Integration to marketplace</span>

Integration to marketplace

  • Multichannel interfaces keep all of your shopfronts and eCommerce systems such as Magento, Bright Pearl and Amazon updated with current stock levels
  • Alerting keeps you on the ball when stock reaches or nears buffer levels
  • Fast and slow moving SKUs are identified to help you organise stock in your warehouse and buy more efficiently

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Pick and pack

  • Access Delta organises bulk picking intelligently to gain the greatest efficiencies from your pickers using voice or barcode scanning technologies
  • Automated tote picking for fast, reliable warehouse operations picking multiple small orders at once
  • Box manifesting during packing allows you and your customers to know the contents without the need to open them
  • Courier integration keeps your delivery partners up to date and prints labels compliant with all major couriers or custom made for partners
<span style="color: #70b274 ">Pick and pack</span>

Access Delta software features

Access Delta has extensive functionality for your warehousing requirements. Working with our customers, we provide the features that you require and follow UKWA best practice in doing so.

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Louise Marshall

Our daily order rate is around 450-500 a day for picking. Without Access Delta, it would be difficult to manage the amount of orders being picked from two different locations.

Louise Marshall - Group IT Director at AKW