Food and beverage

Stay compliant with food industry and HMRC bonded warehousing standards with a real time view of stock by location, status and type. With customer and HMRC systems integrated into your WMS, real-time compliance reporting will help you to avoid costly fines.

<span style="color: #70b274 ">Extensive traceability</span>

Extensive traceability

  • Remain compliant with BRC global standards via built-in monitoring and traceability within Access Delta
  • Shelf life rules for each customer, with a real-time view of stock and alerts, keep you in line with SLAs and minimise wastage
  • Keep track of your stock and reduce wastage with extensive batch, SBD and BBE reporting and stock rotation rules alongside automated ‘hold and alert’ functions for stock nearing expiry dates

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Food and drink handling

  • Ease business processes with advanced shipment notifications generated to meet client demands, with SSCC label creation and handling processed by Access Delta
  • Ensure compliance and maintain quality with temperature specific handling rules automatically allocating stock and creating appropriate tasks
  • Avoid costly fines and the forfeiture of goods by keeping in line with HMRC Notice 197 for bonded alcohol warehousing, with links to the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) supporting the HMRC approval process
<span style="color: #70b274 ">Food and drink handling</span>

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