Automotive and electronics

Ensure your operations are accurate and prompt to cater for the needs of your just-in-time (JIT) production partners.

<span style="color: #70b274 ">Small parts handling</span>

Small parts handling

  • Keep track of all goods by location with Access Delta’s graphical warehouse map and enjoy increased productivity with efficient stock layout
  • Reduce the time your staff spend walking around the warehouse with intelligent multi-order picking
  • Identify parts accurately with barcoding and real-time radio frequency scanning technology fully integrated with Access Delta WMS 

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Compliance and tracking

  • Reduce information lead time with accurate records for warranties and recalls with serial number tracking from receipt to delivery
  • Work easily with major retailers and manufacturers with advanced shipment notices (ASN) automatically generated
  • Integrate your systems with partners and rework your products to be ready for the production lines of just-in-time manufacturers
  • Avoid fines from your customers with SLAs monitored and alerted to prevent production lines from stopping
<span style="color: #70b274 ">Compliance and tracking</span>

The benefits of Access Delta WMS software

Access Delta WMS is the first choice warehouse management system for companies that want to improve operations and grow their business. See how your business can benefit today.

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