Management information

Intelligent business reporting to provide an in-depth insight into your manufacturing performance

<span style="color: #E06824">Reporting</span>


  • Review your manufacturing performance against the plan on several levels
  • Report on the utilisation of machines and labour
  • Examine the financial impact of the production plan using ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Create reports on ‘on time delivery’ statistics

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Business intelligence and dashboards

  • User defined alerts and notifications
  • Analyse real time progress against your plan
  • Collate data from multiple sites or departments for a holistic, graphical dashboard view
  • Complement Orchestrate reporting with Access Insight to provide web enabled business intelligence
<span style="color: #E06824">Business intelligence and dashboards</span>

All the tools and functions you need to manage your production planning.

Access Orchestrate is the solution that can increase your manufacturing efficiency. Take advantage of planning software that can help you run your operations by replacing error prone spreadsheets and time consuming plans.

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Brett Lambourne

We had cut the time devoted to planning by 20-30% and I can confidently predict that improvement to increase to a total of 60%

Brett Lambourne - Planning and scheduling manager