Management information

We can give your business the reporting functionality you need to identify where you are performing and the areas that you can improve on

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  • KPI reports are available on any measureable stats you hold in your system, helping you to evaluate your manufacturing performance
  • Use on time in full reporting to measure your logistics performance and view the order process from the customer’s perspective
  • Easily export your reports into Microsoft Excel which can give you the flexibility to manipulate your data in a spreadsheet format
  • Build your own bespoke reports specifically designed for your needs

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Project costing

  • Monitor your project costs by recording variants such as components used, time, costs or labour
  • Create a lean manufacturing environment by generating the actual price of labour and machining
  • Find the most profitable product lines that have generated your business the most revenue
<span style="color: #49C1F0">Project costing</span>

Detailed features at a glance

Access FactoryMaster can give your business the tools to grow.  Each feature has been developed with 20 years of knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing software industry, all to help your business save time and money on your resources.

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David Marklew

This is an excellent system. It has become second nature to personnel and is now key to our infrastructure on traceability and quality. It gives me the information I need at the touch of a button.

David Marklew - Managing Director, Paddock Gear and Engineering Ltd