Reduce costs with intelligent purchasing tools and keep on top of quotations, orders and sub-contractor interactions.

Enquiries and orders

Enquiries and orders

  • Create, manage and track requests for quotations (RFQ) and orders efficiently with authorisation and alerts
  • Manage scheduled orders, call offs and bulk orders
  • Record supplier acknowledgements and confirmations
  • Automatic PO, delivery and invoice matching plus GRNI reconciliation

Sub-contractor orders

  • Regulate and track the release and return of free issue materials
  • Control sub-contractor order requirements through MRP
  • Enhanced actual costing management takes into account sub-contractor jobs and pricing for your projects
Sub-contractor orders
Supplier management

Supplier management

  • Supplier ratings based on quality, price and KPI performance
  • Vendor price matrix enables comparisons between suppliers on pricing and quantity breaks
  • Approved supplier lists can be maintained for specific products

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Access ERP brings together all of your operational and financial requirements. Helping over 2,000 supply chain operators, we are continuously improving our software to meet the latest needs of manufacturers and distributors in the most effective way.

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Dave Clark

I’ve worked in companies with different software, but this is fantastic. I use it for anything from producing management accounts through to ad hoc queries. I simply enter a formula into an Excel spreadsheet, and it draws the data directly from the system. Each time I open the spreadsheet it refreshes the data immediately.

Dave Clark - Head of warehouse and production